Sitting here at my daughter’s house with her cat cuddled beside me purring,
and I thought,
wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could purr… then others would know when they were feeling happy.
happy cat


It is a rather disturbing night.

It is not terribly cold out, in fact it is not cold at all, yet every time the wind blows, the house creaks.


My latest ‘earworm’ :-D

Notes from yesterday:
If wishing and wanting would only make it so….

My little lizards and little tree frogs have gone to ground apparently, now that it’s gotten into the 40’s and below at night. I still see 2 of my lizards during the day if it is warm, but not as much as before.

Happy   notes

I saw two of the most interesting, adorable birds today. Wishing I could have gotten a picture, but I figured by time I stopped and got out of the car I would probably just scare them away. They were sitting on a raised ledge so stock still that I found myself considering whether they were stone statues.
Came home and Googled…. They were killdeers.


and just for cuteness (of autumn)


Melancholy days…. Melancholy ways….

The melancholy days have come,
the saddest of the year;
Of wailing winds, and naked woods,
and meadows brown and sear. – W.C.Bryant

Yesterday I was in a funk.
It’s very difficult (frustrating/annoying) when I get a day of good breathing and feeling good, and then return to having breathing issues. It puts me in a bad mood because I want to feel well, and stay well.

Some thoughts:

Part of me says I don’t want things.
Part of me knows that I need things.

this one delivered by the Lord Himself:

Where does my hope come from…
My hope comes from the Lord…
Got it.

Melancholy days


I don’t get it – When you go to see the doctor these days you don’t even see ‘the’ doctor – You don’t even know who it is you’re seeing or what their training is.
I want to see the guy (or gal) with the most knowledge, with some years behind them, and who’s up on the latest medical journals and issues.

Doctors – I wonder how much they know –
the non-doctor that I saw, I’d like to ask her –
You’re about to bring a baby into the world – Do you know that they’re killing us? Do doctors know what is being done to the peons in the world?

I didn’t do anything today…
and yet, I did alot.  🙂

Let me explain.

time flies

I spent lots of time with God.
I had lots of discussion on Facebook.
I had time for exercise and meditation (with God).
I made a meal to share.
I ran and emptied the dishwasher.
I even did a load of laundry. 🙂

So why do I feel like I didn’t do anything?

because now, now at this hour it is, that I think of the list of things I meant to get done today. 😛

Inspired by the encouragement of my dear friend ‘C’, I’ve decided to share a few thoughts from the last few days that I had written in my journal.

‘I feel like a dead man walking.
I can’t live,
and I can’t die.
Our poor P.O.W.’s,
how often must they have wished for death to come.’

If I am going to live; let me have health.

Frenetic intemperance –
Until you learn to get away from that, you haven’t learned to connect with the Creator.
You must learn to ‘sit with God’.

Not be amused, or entertained,
but just ‘be’.

Not church, or any activity,
but just sitting, in silence;
hear the birds (or the quiet),
feel the breeze (or the stillness),
observe the skies;
Rejoice in what God has given.

The following is for anyone who has had to live with one of the many ‘invisible disabilities’… not visible to others that is.

You see a person just sitting,
but in truth I am a person putting pressure on my back to relieve pain,
I am a person in meditation (to relieve pain – and connect with my Creator)
I am a person, who though I may appear to you, to merely sit, am very engaged with my mind.
I am a person taking sun, and quiet reflection.
I am.
I am a person stretching my neck and my body (to relieve pain – to free my lungs).
I am many things,
but lazy, I am not.
If I sit,
it is because,
I need to sit.

I often hold back these thoughts, because I do not want to seem negative. People quickly run from the flip side of life, the less happy thoughts.
But interspersed with these deeper thoughts are always the lighter thoughts, the cheery bits, like:

The sun is suddenly (within the last 1/2 hour) not as hot – It was burning my knees, but now it’s not. 😀

Cheers all, and thank you sweetest ‘C’.