Morning thoughts:

In this event, even, lessons will have been learned.


2 hour drive took 5 hours to get home… and then to find inside damage to my daughter’s house… kitchen ceiling collapsed due to lost roof shingles and rain leakage… in addition to the lost storage shed which we already knew about.   Emotional and exhausting day.

Still, all in all, counting blessings.

Headed home tomorrow.  Please be in prayer that we find all roads clear and safe.  We know that power is on back home, and others have made it safely back.  However, there are still rivers that have not yet crested, and possibly creeks that could still overflow roadways and bridges.  I feel that if God brought us safely through the storms He will also deliver us safely home.   … but I do believe He must hear our prayers.  🙂

The day and night of never ending tornado warnings  :-/  🌪️  spinning out from the outer bands of this monster hurricane which has turned south and then back north recrossing parts of North Carolina.  :-/

Got news today that the storage facility where my household belongings have been stored since October, survived the hurricane without wind damage or flooding.

Evening thoughts…
Yes… she’s back… at least for tonight. Lol

It’s funny. Times like these make you think…
In times like these neighbor gets to know neighbor. Neighbors are willing to help neighbors in any way they can. It makes you think, or realize… neighbors are always there to help. We just never seem to need them.
But aren’t we all better when we realize our need for one another?

helping hands

Every time the power goes off it’s ‘ice cream time’ around here!  😅

If you’re a Frasier fan…. it reminds of that episode where they played the shots game and took a shot every time the word veneer was spoken on Antiques Roadshow. 

Reports coming in.  Still don’t know how bad the damage back home will be.  My daughter’s backyard shed blew apart, and a large cedar tree went down at the house where I’ve been staying… missing the house, thank God.

Saturday will tell the full story… the storm won’t be past for our area until Saturday evening… and then the week ahead will tell about the flooding.  😦

Hoping you will all still keep North Carolina in prayer.  Some sad stories are hitting the news.


Prayers work folks!  …. Hurricane Florence is down to a 1 as far as winds go, when it comes onshore.  This means instead of 140 mile an hour winds, we might have up to 100… much better.   I have been through category 1’s before, and I have been through a category 4 before… big difference.  The big concern is storm surge which will still be carried in with the force of a category 4.  Fortunately I do not believe any of our property (daughter’s house, my things in storage, and the person’s  home I have been staying in) are subject to flooding… i.e., far enough inland.  Still… keep praying.   The problem is going to be how we return.  I left with my daughter, husband, and grandchild, and we are staying at a friend’s home in Raleigh.  Undoubtedly my contact will be limited in the days, and maybe even weeks ahead.

Prayers work… please keep praying for us.
Thanks and love to all.

8 We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair

Please be in prayer for our deliverance from hurricane Florence.  I believe in miracles.  I believe in the power of prayer.

Thank you.

😦   I am so ‘not’ up for dealing with hurricanes this September

Florence track

and do they say ‘trouble comes in 3’s’.  Really not up for a triple punch.  Gonna be hard to decide what to do… and must decide by Wed.  :-/

Florence Isaac Helene