I tell myself that I’m not going to say something, and then I go and say it anyway.  (not always) but…

Why do I do that?

keeping my mouth shut


Just as there is the mystery of the socks that disappear into ‘laundry heaven’….

there must also be some unwritten law of the universe that says all underwear must come out of the laundry, inside out.  Most assuredly I do not put them in that way….  Now if I had a husband, he might, but I do not.

What is it about a world covered in white that makes the world feel so magical?

Watching:  Victoria, the Christmas episode (season 2)  🙂

Victoria Christmas special

Blogging has not been an option of late.  Heck, journaling with pen and paper has not been an option of late.  😛

Cleaning, and angels

There’s this thing about cleaning….
No one notices when you do the cleaning,
but they surely will notice when you don‘t do it. 😦   (Lynn’sim)

I know that I should never despair. God has His angels everywhere.
As I was doing my last minute packing up, and had taken little to no time for eating, the neighbor from across the street showed up with a plate of pizza and chicken wings for me.
God has always sent angels to me. I don’t know why I have such doubt at times.

1st Sunday in Advent - Hope   We begin the 40 days of reverence leading up to the day we celebrate the birth of Christ.

For me:  one more step in the direction I am supposed to be going?  I hope.  I pray.  In faith for God’s plan.  this Book

Reframing the picture [ ]

This afternoon I found myself lamenting:
“Really Lord? Am I still having to learn patience?”

I am amazed that after all this time, I am still having to learn patience, and God’s timing.

This sort of reframed things for me.

waiting    I have been waiting 8 years, 9 years, 2 years…. and it seems too much for me?  I haven’t even reached the minimum of 13.  Can’t say that I want to either.  Imagine 40 years.  I was prepared only for 40 days.

Living on the edge, today.

When All Else Fails…

We’ve all experienced the pain that comes when someone or something fails us. The disappointment can even make us think it’s foolish to hope at all.

Yet something in us knows there’s more to the story. We hold on to the hope that there is someone out there who will come through for us in each and every circumstance.

In fact, the Bible teaches us there is someone that fits that description.

That’s exactly as I was feeling this morning…. ‘is it foolishness to keep on hoping…?’

and ‘yet there is something in me that knows that there is a plan, and an ending and outcome to this journey.’ … a purpose to it.


A bird for every post….

We have these street lamps on the cul-de-sac…

a bird for every post 2

the birds like to sit atop them.
Today each street lamp held a bird on its top, and so did each mailbox… the one at the house across the street, and the one here at the house I am in.

and not just any birds… they appear to be bluebirds.  🙂

Last night I had written:
God has His plans, and they are best.
God forgive my impatientness.

Today a friend had posted:

waiting in gratitude

On Saturday I leave this house I have inhabited for the last year and a half.