The Journey continues…

Thank you anyone who has asked about me and left me messages.  I am too tired to stay on a public computer for long, so I am sorry if I don’t reply to each of you individually… or take time to read your blogs right now.  I’ve tried to skim over just to see that my friends are well.

For many reasons I have been slow to connect to the internet in my new home.  I am typing this on the computer in the main building, computer center, so this will probably be a one-off, until I get around to connecting in my home.

As I am meeting new people I am reminded of the importance of not being quick to judge.  Every day I am learning.  (perhaps remembering an old self?)   Every day brings me new things to share.

A week ago I would have said;
“What is my life it seems, but a set of complications… one after another.”

but as I deal with those complications I expand, I grow, I learn, I change. My faith is tested. My faith is affirmed.

God bless… I miss you all, and hope to be back soon. 🙂


I need to re-share —

and as promised; On the train May 21, 2017 a myriad of emotions have gripped me the last few hours since I boarded, since seeing her sitting on the bench as the train pulled away, and feeling the sadness, of so many different emotions. and darkness has fallen…. Searching For A Place of My Own […]

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Remember this?  from my ‘unexpected journey’ in 2017

Southern Pines is the very place I am moving to in one day!  God is good.  He does try us, but when we are faithful to believe….. !

This truly will have been an Advent of progression through
HopeLove💌 Joy and Peace

Hope Love Joy Peace

As of now I have a lease-signing / move-in date of Dec. 27, on my apartment… finally!  A season of waiting truly, indeed… but Happy Birthday to me!  🙂  (Dec. 27 is my birth day)

Hope– with the first call
(that 1st week of Advent)

Love – of my daughter and son-in-law
(2nd week of Advent, moving in with them)

Joy – of the final call confirming apt. finally ready
(3rd week of Advent)

Peace – of knowing I am moving into a good home, once again my own
(4th week of Advent)

Celebrate and share in my Joy?  What better time than at Christmas.

“Patience is Love – waiting out a suffering situation.”  (from Dec. 15, 2015)

I tell myself that I’m not going to say something, and then I go and say it anyway.  (not always) but…

Why do I do that?

keeping my mouth shut

Just as there is the mystery of the socks that disappear into ‘laundry heaven’….

there must also be some unwritten law of the universe that says all underwear must come out of the laundry, inside out.  Most assuredly I do not put them in that way….  Now if I had a husband, he might, but I do not.

What is it about a world covered in white that makes the world feel so magical?

Watching:  Victoria, the Christmas episode (season 2)  🙂

Victoria Christmas special

Blogging has not been an option of late.  Heck, journaling with pen and paper has not been an option of late.  😛

Cleaning, and angels

There’s this thing about cleaning….
No one notices when you do the cleaning,
but they surely will notice when you don‘t do it. 😦   (Lynn’sim)

I know that I should never despair. God has His angels everywhere.
As I was doing my last minute packing up, and had taken little to no time for eating, the neighbor from across the street showed up with a plate of pizza and chicken wings for me.
God has always sent angels to me. I don’t know why I have such doubt at times.