Good evening, Lynn!
The forecast shows the clouds clearing tomorrow in Leland. Enjoy the sunshine!

Gives you an idea how much rain we’ve been experiencing. 😀
I think every day all month has forewarned of rain in the forecast. lol

The weather today has been exquisite.  Finally a break from the 90 degree heat (90 and 90+, with heat indexes of 100+).

I wish I could order another day, exactly like today, for tomorrow.

Thoughts from the front porch:
‘It’s a jungle out there’
Dead stillness
It’s wonderful when the breeze blows and the thunder rolls
Sitting in silence
Listening for His Word
(I’m actually not sitting in silence, (but definitely in His peace) I’m listening to and praying with, Relevant Radio’s The Drew Mariani Show. My favorite program.)
Waiting for the rain
Every time the breeze blows, it says, ‘Don’t go in”.
‘Stay with me.’

Dead ends. Dead ends. Dead ends. All I do is run into dead ends.

dead ends

seekingSunday seeking –

asking the Lord’s guiding hand and answers – i.e., direction

Health issues still not resolving…. answers and help still not forthcoming

Housing situation not resolving, and a major stressing factor…  decisions need to be made and so far there are no good ones

(stay in a home that’s killing me, or stay alive and be homeless? … and what’s to happen to all my stuff… the things of my life… my many years of living… erase it all?)

Quick death would be welcome but I don’t know how that would affect my kids… 😦

Better answers would be more welcome.

blue fairy

Lynn’s Lamenting:

I can identify with the garden.
Dried up. Burnt out.

I can’t go anywhere now, without running into the smell of marijuana.

I wonder if it is this way in other countries.
Where can I escape.

(This is what Obama has brought to the nation. 😦 )

Bright spot:
Blue dragonfly, ever by my side.
Dancing around me, my very own blue fairy.

(What’s it trying to tell me?)

Thinking we know what we want from someone can deprive us of what they might bring to us when they are taken as they are without expectation. – C.Lynn

I want a yard where one of the first things I would do is plant sunflowers. 😀


Oh haha
Facebook message that appears on my newsfeed every day:
‘Hello Lynn, Rain’s in the forecast for today, stay dry’ – LOL, rain’s been in the forecast for the last 5 days… rain’s in the forecast every day – It’s summer at the beach!