Bluebird of Happiness ? bringer of hope ?

Sat down to take a phone call and when I looked out the window in front of me
what did my wondering eyes see?
Perched on the mailbox across the street
yes, I think it was… a bluebird.
To the cabinet did I fly,
praying he would stay,
long enough for me to get my binoculars
and see,
Yes, oh, yes,
how ‘blue’tiful … it truly was a bluebird

bluebird  the prettiest of birds

On a beautiful day,
when I am feeling wonderfully well,
was this bird sent to me.

The phone call alone was a bringer of hope.

Everything looks so much better when you are having good health.
I woke this morning thinking of how,
‘trials make you stronger’ (?)
of how I am so much stronger than I was, this time last year, and I believe that is because I have put my trust in, and been leaning on the promises of God. Accepting His will has strengthened me.

and of course because I live through song;



A day begun in reflection – Oh, I have so much today that is on my mind, and in my heart.

The Anchor
the anchor
Everybody likes the anchor,
even when they pull against it,
even when they break free of it;
still they like the anchor.
The anchor means safety.
The anchor is steadfast,
it is not set adrift,
it is not tossed about;
it is admired.

Things I have learned from my elders:
Take a walk every day
Start each day with oatmeal or blueberries, or both

When ‘I’ am old
I would like to reach an age where I feel free to dance/exercise (do Tai chi) outside and I don’t care what people think.

Inspired by:  which brought tears to my eyes, it is so beautiful to listen to, and to watch. ❤

standing alone

“It needs a very strong faith, to stand entirely alone…”

reading, ‘Brideshead Revisited’

and for some reason the song, We Know the Way, from Moana comes into my mind.  🙂

the muddle

The muddle –
“sometimes in life, it’s all you’ve got”

from the movie, ‘I Dream Too Much’

Here, in this place

I could sit all day in the sun…
dream my dreams,
write my stories, (that’ll never make it to paper)
think of things past,
of things present,
of where the future will lead

in this place,
I watch the vultures circle
no egrets – God I loved seeing the egret fly by, every spring I looked for him
I listen to the frogs.

Last day of another month gone by….

What’s been left behind…
Egret Pointe magnolia the beautiful magnolia treesmy sanctuary #1 my sanctuary when I arrived (2010)

another new season Fall 2012 my sanctuary 2 years later (fall 2012)

my sanctuary April 2013 my sanctuary April 2013

the turtle that crawled up the bank
the 3 deer that emerged from the wood

~ but we can only be here ~ in this place ~ where we, are, now ~

the sealed tomb  Today, the day Jesus’ lay in the tomb


Looking for the moon….
Monday when I was out I had the surprise of seeing the moon, quite early, far from nightfall….
Today I was looking for the moon.

Where is the moon