Stepping out

Stepping outside today…

~ Oh, what a beautiful morning,
Oh, what a beautiful day ~

smiley sun


Flowers in winter (purple wildflowers)
Robin red breast (lone)
and snowbells (in the garden)


Still here

Just to let you know I’m still here…. just less active… life right now is stressful.

the lone crow
lost his flock?
Cautiously I observed him
he did not fear,
he did not fly.
after awhile from a distance
came the calling of a flock,
and shortly,
he flew.
– C.Lynn

It’s an Edgar Allen Poe sort of day here today…
I keep hearing the crows calling from the back,
and looking out,
on this wet day,
there is a barren tree,
in which they sit.


Softly, softly,

I can bear my trials

the barren years  [the barren (bearin’) years]

if it means that there is hope for joy to be restored.

joy restored 2
Reading the book of Job 10 years ago has been a tremendous aid in my journey.

God’s Word speaks softly, persistently, to my heart;
‘like a tree planted beside a river… ‘
‘I will not fail, or forget you’


If you come as softly
As the wind within the trees
You may hear what I hear
See what sorrow sees


We shall sit here, softly
Beneath two different years
And the rich between us
Shall drink our tears.

– Audre Lorde

“Watching the sunrise outdoors statistically increases your odds of having a good day. And needing a nap after lunch.”