Messengers and thoughts

No dragonflies today. Where are my God’s messengers? The dragonflies always come sit by me. Today I see not a one, anywhere.


Two yellow-bellied something-or-others are racing and chasing around, laughing and chattering. It is too funny.


I like to spend a little bit of time each day looking at the clouds, feeling the breeze.
Earlier in the day, feeling the sun.
Contemplating the mysteries.
The wonders.
When you have to choose to chase the dollar, you don’t have time for this.

“Jesus gives Himself to the soul in a gentle and sweet manner, and in His depths there is peace.”  – St. Faustina


Got another look at the big, beautiful, moon, rising tonight…  this time the slightly lopsided face of the man in the moon.    … wax on, wax off… in other words, wane  😉


We’ve had early day rains (with thunder) today, instead of the usual late day rains, and the birds are happily singing.

I’ve also had some happy news today, to go with the sunshine after the rain.  🙂

It is a day for joy.

Our big, beautiful, moon got hidden by clouds, and we got a lightning show instead.

I saw the moon as it came up large, and glowing, over the horizon… beautiful.  Now it is  a slightly visible, bright spot, behind the clouds.

Clouds, depression, and the breeze :-)

It is fascinating to watch a cloud disappear –
to dissipate, to vanish from the sky.

How does it do that?

It’s like it just evaporates,
but I thought when water was evaporated by the sun, that was what makes the clouds –

No storms tonight, just puffy white clouds, and much quiet, overwhelming stillness, due to the high heat of the day.

I can’t understand people who want to spend their time indoors. I think that it contributes to depression… could be why we have such widespread depression these days. When there was no air conditioning, people were always out of doors to catch the breeze.

The breeze – it’s not enough to make the windmill turn, but it’s enough to make me feel good.

Jim's windmill


There are those that feel like they never get anything right –girl
then there are those that seem to get everything right –gets everything right
and then there are those that just ‘think’ they always get everything right, so nothing ever phases them … thinks

Right?  😉

Instead of waiting for the next bridge to cross, I’m sort of always trying to get ready for the next bridge. Probably alot of wasted energy because there are probably many bridges that I will never come to.


Beautiful skies

and beautiful breezes after a scorcher of a day.

The Lord has sure painted a beautiful sky today… or anyway something has…

not sure if it’s the hand of the Lord, or something else… work of the chemtrail planes?  but usually those leave grid lines across the sky.
These are beautiful swirls.

Saw two of these little cuties again tonight.  😀

killdeer  killdeer

and another ‘V’ formation of geese!  🙂    although I will say, it was a rather drunken looking V formation.  Lol

Caught a view of a beautiful crescent moon too, tonight.