It’s kind of saddening to look out today and see the snow gone after just being out yesterday and getting to see all the pretty snow covered lawns.

Basking in the warmth… the sun, the stillness, the peace…
soaking up my vitamin D….
makes up for it.





Did WordPress take away our snow?  😦

Observations and thoughts

Standing with the back door open, gazing over all the beauty of the pristine white landscape….

Lots of birds calling
(once again) I hear the call of the crow
I think I could even say I saw ‘four’ calling birds land together in a tree
two patches of snow still siting in the tops of the pine trees looking like great white birds

early morning thoughts before rising:

Relationships are funny things.
You never really know if someone is satisfied, do you?

Ok, maybe I’m not so old after all….

though I didn’t go walking in it, I did have to rise early to see it in sunlight before it melts away… and to see how everyone else is enjoying it.

My daughter posted this on Facebook, 7 am this morning:

Beautiful view this morning as Sun is rising and moon setting. Can’t wait to bundle up and take Ariana out!

Snow Leland Jan. 2018

~ walkin’ in a winter wonderland ~

Wow.  We really got quite a blanket.  The patio is gone, the driveway is gone, the road is gone…

but I must be getting old, because I really have no desire to go walking in it… not while the snow is still falling, and it will probably be gone and melted by time I start my day tomorrow.  😦