Sitting outside today:
‘Sounds like rain,
but it might just be the rustling of the leaves,
the crispness of autumn leaves.’



Inspiring story
The Boy Who Stood at The Flag Pole Alone
When my son stood at the flag pole alone, he inspired an entire community, but no one more than his mom.

“So to you, wherever it is in your life you stand alone, be it a flag pole or a marriage, a place of work or a seemingly impossible situation, I believe my son would like to remind you God can do big things with your standing alone. Perhaps, for now, you are praying until someone else shows up or takes notice. God sees, he knows, and he can do big things.”

stand alone
and I pray.

I wait
in faith
for God to do big things.

Shall I try?
to lose myself
in a television show (Dark Matter, season 3)

There was something different about yesterday…

Silence – no bird song
Same time as yesterday
but today – silence

2 anoles
2 mourning doves

I’m waiting for the storm –
low rumbles of thunder I keep hearing
The clouds are there.

and there’s the cool,
temperature must have dropped 10 degrees in the last 1/2 hour since I stepped outside (since the rain came)
– the weather keeps calling me outside, unusual skies, unusual clouds, unusual weather, and every time I step out it begins to rain on my head. 🙂


Yesterday (well really Friday) and today

first, Friday (with tears of joy)
Please Lord please.
Why do you have to keep testing my faith?
Testing me?

‘So that you may see the rewards dear child, and learn to trust in Me’ … ‘even unto the end’

What’s the difference between an epic and a saga?
Is my life an epic or a saga?

Does a saga or an epic have to be about a hero, or heroism?

Rosh Hashana
Warmth of sun on skin
birds singing
3 ravens fly over

First day in a long while that I started my day with my health feeling almost normal.

‘I want to start my day with God. It makes all things go better.’

A little anole has taken up residence on the porch and is amusing me with its antics.

2:00 pm
The sun is scorching
Yellow ‘flutter-bys’ are everywhere
on the lots of flowers that are everywhere
It’s really quite, almost, idyllic
watching them flutter flower to flower
the peace and beauty of it,
not at the beginning (of spring),
but at the end (of summer)

4:40 pm
The crow calls

“Change, change”

I hear his message.

and it occurs to me… I realize…
‘God has given me strength’

Renewing my faith

I made a very conscious decision to renew my faith after my slump of the other day woke me up.

I began praying for the storm to move… it did… the wrong direction. 😞
So I began praying for God to strip it of its power. God can do it.


Prayer time – Chaplet of Divine Mercy with RelevantRadio – 4:00

Prayer for God’s hand over this storm, that He will diminish its power quickly.

Though this storm will pass over Florida, God still offers His protection. God can still protect.
‘ ‘Thy’ will be done.’

With God all things are possible. I went to church last night and prayed. Came home and found this.

with God all things are possible

See that little spot… outside the cone?  West Palm Beach.  That’s where my mother is.

All praise be to God… and praying, that God will strip this storm of its power in the protection of everyone in Florida.

People forget….
‘they have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof…’

I will not lose my faith.  I will run the race with endurance.  I will persevere to the end.
and always,
‘ ‘Thy‘ will be done’


He is mighty to save, and He rewards those who believe… those who praise Him for His mercy and blessings.

My life now revolves around watching the news.

Prayers please for Florida.  My mother is in the direct path of hurricane Irma.  All of Florida it seems is in the direct path of Irma.  No where to run.  No escape.

This message from Marco Rubio:

If you live anywhere in Florida & think you are safe from Hurricane Irma look at this image. The entire state faces the impact of the storm. Southwest Florida, Central Florida & entire East coast of the state need to be ready. This hurricane is unprecedented in power & reach. #HurricaneIrma

hurricane Irma