Low hanging clouds
(and after much rain)
the singing of the frogs
but it is still
it is calm
it is cool
I sit in the presence of the Lord.

“You do your best…. sometimes it’s just not enough.” – Dr. Blake Mysteries, The Heart of the Matter

O’ My Soul

Takes me back 8 years when ‘my fear did have to face my God’, and I did have to ‘lay it down’.

~ if you cried [and cried] ~
~ if you tried to hide it ~

‘Why so downcast O’ my soul.
put your faith in God’ – King David, the Bible

‘One more day I can follow Him through a dark place.’ – Mark Hall, musician, song, O’ My Soul

~ here and now ~
fear and doubt
~ you can be honest ~

~ you can lay this down ~ [you know]