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Today’s notes… so far

Oct. 1, 2016


Hilary reminds me of the nerdy girl that is still trying to become part of the popular group, the inner circle.


Interesting what they can get from a Facebook page… this fits me pretty well.

Lynn, you are made of Dorothy and Buffy.

You are a warrior with a childlike soul. You laugh and cry with the same intensity.


talking to my daughter now has me all anxious about this hurricane Matthew which is approaching… Matthew which just happens to have been my husbands name. She had me remembering the other hurricanes I’ve been through the eye of… Hugo in Charleston, SC, and Fran in North Carolina. She made me realize how complacent… um…. falsely secure, I have become, in thinking I’ll never have to go through another one.

The more years that go by, the more distant these things become, the stranger it is to then remember them.

Funny that I began my day with my word of the day being