Merry mornings, or This beautiful life

The storms, they come so quietly, on cats feet.

Rain –
this beautiful gift from God, this beautiful earth, this garden of Eden

3:00 am –
Well, they are not quiet anymore. Last night’s slipped in so quietly.

The seagulls are a laugh riot. I went out early this morning. Every lot lamp had one sitting atop it. One and only one. They do not share, and they seem to enjoy laughing at one another, especially when someone comes along and there’s nowhere to sit. 😛

Also saw a hawk, or an eagle, (don’t know which), on my early morning drive…. sitting on the tip-top of a bare-naked tree, looking down on the world, looking for prey I presume.

Verse of the Day:
May he grant your heart’s desires and make all your plans succeed.
–Psalms 20:4

I pray that is what is coming to pass. Good news coming soon.


Beautiful skies

Saw a beautiful crescent moon peeking through and lighting up the pretty white clouds in this evenings sky.

Last night I was treated to a beautiful show by the lightning which was back-lighting up fluffy white clouds in the night sky.  No rain, just the light show.  (with some low thunder)


Prayed thanks today.
Stepped outside and was met by the largest blue dragonfly I have yet seen.
My blue dragonflies have returned to (meet) me.

When you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it gives strength to keep moving forward. – C.Lynn


Interestingly a cloud sits over the sun today and effects not the slightest stir of a breeze ?
Why so different from a week ago?

Stepping outside at 6 pm. – and the sky is perfectly clear, not a cloud to be seen.


what’s that expression…. just wait long enough and things will change

the saying from Mary Poppins…. ‘until the wind changes’

I think I am feeling a shift…. ‘a change in the winds’.

Mary Poppins

July – the month to fry!

It’s amazing the thing that happens when a cloud passes over (blocks) the sun. A strong breeze appears… from where? What makes the breeze appear?
and the heat vanishes with the wind.

cloud blocking sun

Happy Independence Day!   May we forever retain our independence.


‘way back in 2000’ :-o and dragonflies

Heard on Jeopardy… ‘way back in 2000‘ …
Wow.  😮   It’s true … 18 years ago now. I remember the big deal when 2000 was ‘approaching’.

As soon as I sat down outside today, two blue dragonflies came to land on me. A minute or two, and then they were gone. Just enough of a visit for God to say, ‘I’m still with you’. 🙂

Other thoughts:

I wish we could ban the sale and use of dryer sheets… releasing chemicals into the air.   I wonder if Europe has this crap (sorry, lack of a better word)?   I know that Europe bans the use of high fructose corn syrup in their products.

hot earth

92 degrees outside today, and it feels every bit of it… couldn’t stay outside long today.

I hate being indoors.  I miss my apartment with its big, beautiful, windows on the world, that made being indoors ok.