Those were the days…..

phone    I miss the days of the house phone… where the call coming in could be for anyone.  🙂


5 thoughts on “Those were the days…..

  1. I’m just old-fashioned enough that I always answer the phone as if I don’t know who’s calling. Assumptions of the accuracy of caller ID aren’t always good, and I’d rather not assume!

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  2. Ring-a-ding-ding …. hello dear Lynn .. this call is for you!! 🙂 We actually still have our landline … as often as we’ve lost power it’s comforting to know I can still make and receive phone calls without ‘charging’ the phone! Hope you’re doing well, my friend! I’ve missed being here. I haven’t been online much at all due to this persistent, and troublesome health issue I’ve been battling since I last dropped in on you. I’ve had good days although, for the most part, it’s been days I’d rather forget, but it seems I’m just now beginning to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Doc is still working to heal me naturally to avoid surgery, but I’ve lost a lot of weight, which is about the only good thing to come of all this, well, I think, anyway! :/ It is costing me to find things to wear that fit and, thankfully, I have been able to do that at thrift stores and by searching for good sales. Not been much of a clothes shopper, but sometimes I guess it’s necessary. You have a blessed weekend, my friend! I wanted to let you know I’m still around, and I’ll check back in again soon! 🙂


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