Thinking we know what we want from someone can deprive us of what they might bring to us when they are taken as they are without expectation. – C.Lynn

I want a yard where one of the first things I would do is plant sunflowers. 😀



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  1. Wow! I love your quote! So true! I try to have no expectations for people (at times) and I always love what they give by just being themselves. 🙂

    I love sunflowers, too! We have little wild ones that grow along the highways! They are so beautiful! A Native American friend told me that the height of the wild sunflowers predicted the amount of snow in the winter. I asked, “The accumulation of the winter snow? Or is each snow gonna’ be that high!?” 😮 Ha! 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂

    Here is a sunflower poem I wrote eons ago! I gift it to you!

    are a beautiful part
    of nature’s poetry.
    wild, happy, friendly flowers
    growing free
    they line the highways
    welcoming all who pass by.
    bright with a golden glow
    faces turning upward to court the sun.
    i’d rather have sunflowers in my yard
    than jewels around my neck.
    “the earth laughs in flowers,” said emerson.
    well, ralph waldo, flowers make me laugh
    especially sunflowers.


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