a day at my apt.

I spent the day at my apt. today.

oh my, my thoughts:

I want to be back in my home.
I like the nice big sink,
and I like the nice hot water,
that comes out with good force and without spraying everything in sight.

I like watching Finding Dory and not having to feel silly,
and being able to fall asleep on the couch without worry of interruption,
and I’m looking forward to a nice soaking bath.

and I want to just sit out on the porch – it’s a beautiful, just right, day.
and there’s not enough time to enjoy it all.

My half-dead tree is making a nice recovery.
3 out of 4 of my plants are making a nice recovery… all had been water deprived… 1 bit the dust permanently, but I can make a new cutting from the others.

p.s. – bath did WONDERS for my back and my overall mood. Oh how I’ve missed, and needed, that bath these past 4 months.


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