Lord make me strong to endure

more ‘lessons’, or, Journaling from the Journey  🙂

Lord make me strong to endure

I don’t want gifts,
I want kindness.

Lord deliver me!

God help me to do Your will.
God deliver me.

I try to understand them.
I also care about myself.

Lord make me strong to endure.

April 30, 2017
Lots of ideas;
Very little in the way of solutions.

And as she lay there, legs outstretched,
one hand laying on her belly near her book and her eyeglasses,
the other arm laying over and atop her head to ease her pains,
she heard the voices of children
as she recalled days with her own.
Her eyes had become too heavy to keep open,
and wondering why she must still live, she drifted into the memories.

The bright yellow flowers have been out all the day today,
perhaps because of the early rains.
A solo white flower beckons to her from a few feet away. She wants to pluck it to take in with her, and yet it wouldn’t / doesn’t seem right to do so.

(maybe someday I’ll actually be able to write the novel that I’ve always intended to write… or maybe my son-in-law, the other writer, will take my notes and do it for me someday? I still dream of making it happen.)


4 thoughts on “Lord make me strong to endure

  1. Hey, you! Wowza, it’s Monday already! How are you doing?!

    I love reading your words! And those words you shared make me care about “her” and make me want to know more about “her”. 🙂 (Are you “her” or is it another “her”? You don’t have to answer my questions if they are too personal. Often, when I write about a woman in a poem or story, etc., it is me/ or part of me, and I don’t tell anyone.)

    I say keep writing and finish that novel! 🙂 Writing is great therapy! Developing characters and giving them life can take our minds off of our struggles.

    (I’ve written 2 novels and 1 children’s book, and I am still trying to “hone” the 2 novels. I haven’t been brave enough to try to see if I could get any of them published. I have thought of what you expressed…my kids are GREAT writers, and maybe some day when they find the volumes of my writing on my computer they might make my writing better and do something with it. 🙂 )

    I love having fresh flowers indoors, but I am like what you shared…I often think it wrong to cut them and bring them inside. So, I just enjoy my indoor houseplants. 🙂

    Thought of you today…and God heard your name in my prayers.

    (((HUGS))) ❤ and 🙂


      1. Oh, then I wanted to tell “her”/you:
        you must live/are still here because you have purpose and value, your words are important, you share joy, fun, encouragement, wisdom (etc) with us, and much more! We need you! 🙂

        (((HUGS))) 🙂

        I understand, though, about thinking of/reflecting on, even falling asleep to the good memories of when our kids were small, etc. 🙂


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