June 10 – green dragonflies today

Dragonflies make me think of little biological drones.

As I was hanging my head with despondency today,

(I can’t help feeling like God is letting me down.  I seek His Word.  I pray.  I exercise patience and obedience; and yet He is showing me no avenues.  (i.e., I’ve been having near major health symptoms again)   I feel I am living a slow tortuous death.  I know it could be worse – but could it ?  Where can I go to be healthy ?  Just Monday when my daughter was taking me through the drive thru at McDonald’s we caught the reek of marijuana coming from the car in front of us.  There is no where to escape anymore.)

sitting outside, I felt something land on my knee.  Lifting my head and opening my eyes I saw that a green dragonfly sat there.  (eating his meal of some other insect, which was really kind of freaky)  I let it sit there on my knee for a bit before I shooed it off.  (I couldn’t take the sight of it eating after a while.)  Then a blue dragonfly came and sat near my feet.

Peaceful sound of birds singing in the background.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Aw. 😦 I’m so sorry you are struggling, SweetLynn. 😦
    I hope you keep getting those precious little signs in nature (from God) to bring you joy. But, I, also, hope and pray he gives you some BIG healing answers to prayers soon.
    I sometimes think “God is being silent right now”…and in those times I think it’s not that he’s not hearing us, he’s not turned his back on us, but he’s preparing us. So, keep doing what you are doing (all good things) and hopefully soon he will be giving answers.
    (((HUGS))) and ❤
    PS…next time the green dragonfly should finish his meal before visiting! 😛


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