Baby oil? :-o

I love Alistair Begg and his teachings because they are lighthearted and always include humor.
Today’s talk on anxiety, and how people worry when God (particularly Jesus many times) says not to… included this bit of wit.

Olive oil comes from olives.
Peanut oil comes from peanuts.
Where does baby oil come from ! ? 😮

On another talk I heard this:

“When the game is over, it all goes back in the box”,

which I find to be very profound. It’s meant as an analogy about life.
a book by John Ortberg




2 thoughts on “Baby oil? :-o

  1. A teacher who teaches with wit and fun helps us to learn and remember what we learned!

    Eek on the baby oil! 😀 😛

    Years ago, someone told me (when I was worried) that worrying was a sin. Then I started worrying about my sin of worry! 😉 😀


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