More from ‘the journey’

(the unlikely journey of C.Lynn)

April 26, 2017 (the date of my wedding anniversary, 1986)

8 p.m. – the lizard and the raven
The lizard sits, once again, atop the hat of the gnome
Raven sits singing on the wire
Mockingbird comes to sit in his usual place on the roof peak, singing his amazing repertoire of melodies
Cardinal seems to fall from the sky
Tiny dragonfly nearly sits on my nose
Daylight fades.

New year resolve

No sighing, no moaning
No grunting or groaning 🙂

Lord, I need help
Lord, I need hope

Lord protect me from the spirit of resentment,
that of others,
and that of my own spirit.
Let my own spirit be protected
from the feelings of resentment.
Protect Lord, I pray, myself and my family.

Anger – resentment
Help us to be free of anger,
that we may not carry resentment,
but live in understanding of Your ways, the Way of the Master –
in humility, kindness, caring, obedience, selflessness,
Keep in me,
an understanding and forgiving heart.
Help me to walk in Your ways, but also I pray,
unseal the blind eyes of those who choose denial rather than admittance, which requires humility.

It is better to ask forgiveness
than to persist in defiance. – C.Lynn
‘more Godly to give’
(than to receive)

Help me Lord,
but help them also I pray.


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