‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Lynn’

“Was this how it went? That all the pieces of a life must eventually be surrendered, as if in truth they amounted to nothing?” p. 17

“Once … they had eaten in here. But … These days the table was gone and the bookshelves stored albums of photographs that no one opened.” p. 21

“there was no plan…. planning would involve both serious consideration and waiting, and there was no time for either of those things.” p. 27, 29

“If we don’t go mad once in awhile, there’s no hope.” p. 32

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Harold Fry

I had several possible titles for this post:

Strange way to take a vacation…
When a vacation is forced upon you

but since all this has happened in my life during Lent it seems appropriate to think of it as a pilgrimage… a test… my 40 days in the wilderness…


9 thoughts on “‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Lynn’

  1. What a GREAT book to read on a vacation!!!…a taken or forced upon vacation.

    There are times…been so recently for me…that I feel I’ve “lost a full day, simply wandering”…but I guess we all need those wandering times and wondering times, there is value in that time.

    As long as we get back to putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward, and discovering the good, every-day things that can happen on our journey.

    I hope your pilgrimage was good. I hope you are well. How are you doing?


    1. Still on this ‘pilgrimage’… currently in Florida. Thanks for asking about me. 🙂
      Having health issues… long story… but I am out of my apartment for rest and recuperation… neighbor activities were destroying my lungs, my life, and my health… making breathing impossible, blood pressure on the verge of stroke (totally not normal for this gal that has always been on the low side for blood pressure). I am on the hunt for a new place to live… i.e., in limbo at the moment… staying with my mother currently. (I hope my furniture is enjoying the apartment I continue to pay for for it to stay in. 😦 )

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      1. Sorry to hear about all of this…especially your health issues. 😦

        I hope and pray you find a new place to live…one that will be good, safe, and healthy for you.

        I hope your furniture isn’t having any parties while you are gone. 😉

        (((HUGS))) and ❤


      2. I wouldn’t mind if some of my furniture walked out on me while I’m gone. Hehehe
        I won’t be keeping my couch or my bed due to the toxic nature of what everything in my apartment has been exposed to. I don’t want to be taking any of the toxic fumes with me. Still have alot to work out, but my health is finally coming back to normal.
        Thanks for the hugs and love… and (((hugs))) and love right back to you.

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