girlWhat to do, what to do

Stand with the cold ocean waves washing over my feet and ankles

Watch the sun go down?
Watch the planes go up?
Watch the clouds roll in?
Waiting for answers to come

It had been so long since I’d been at the ocean that I forgot the sound of it – the loudness of the roar of the waves and the wind

Watch the birds skim the water?
Watch them dive?

The raven has been my constant companion of late…
not so today

I no longer pick up shells
I have enough of those from earlier years
plenty I do not want to part with

Pretty oyster shell
Wouldn’t it be nice to turn it and find a pearl inside?



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  1. Oh my, the closest I’ve come to an ocean was some 40 years ago! I was very young then but have never forgotten the sound as the waves crashed on the shore, or the feeling of warm sand between my teenage toes, or seeing the seagulls gliding through the air. I never saw a raven though … or an oyster shell with it’s treasure hidden inside … yes, that would have been nice! I do hope you’re finding those answers, Lynn. I know I am waiting on mine, too. Praying they’ll come soon for us both! Hugs! ❤

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