7/17 -warmer days, here again

For the past week I have seen nothing but vultures in the sky –
as many as a dozen at a time.
They are interesting, to watch, and to contemplate. They seem to ‘hunt’ in packs.
It can actually be a little frightening. I hope I never look too dead, or tempting to them. 😮

Now I just saw a spider’s thread go floating by.

Tonight I got to watch the sunset spread
the brilliant orange glow on the horizon slowly touching the pretty ‘blue’ clouds with palest pink, then aglow with pink.


11 thoughts on “7/17 -warmer days, here again

  1. Vultures! How cool! I see them once in awhile on the highway…but always 3 or less. I think vultures are misunderstood and get a bad rap. I like to watch them.
    HA! What you said about not wanting to look inviting to them made me laugh! 😀

    The sunsets have been so beautiful this week! And the moon tonight is stunning!

    Coop and I just got in from a short walk. We have both been ill this week. 😦



    1. Yes, they’re always in 2’s or 3’s. The day I saw a dozen, it was these separate groups of 3’s that came together circling and then one would sail off and away from the circle and another would follow until they had all sailed off in groups of 3 again. It was a fascinating interaction to watch. …also the one that had me thinking those nervous thoughts, as I was standing in the parking lot watching, and they were circling rather low. Quite easy to imagine a weak creature separated from it’s herd in the desert and what its fate might be. *shiver

      Yes, the moon has been stunning all this week!

      I’m sorry that you’ve been ill, but glad you felt well for a moonlight walk tonight. Tonight is the one night this week that I didn’t go out for my moonlit stroll. Guess you made up for it for me.

      Moonbeam hugs 😀

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    1. I don’t know technically, if they’re vultures or buzzards, and yes they take care of dead things and contain disease. There are lately, so many of them though… I wonder if there are enough ‘dead’ things to feed them all. 😮


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