be still my aching heart

Heard tons and tons of sirens going by 5:35 pm –

“God help me – I don’t trust God anymore!”

Anxiety through the roof – panic to know that Carol was home safe…

Thank God she and Jonathon – home and fine.


8 thoughts on “be still my aching heart

    1. Hi Mrs. Wrangler (I can’t remember if I ever got your first name ? 🙂 ),
      Only this time because there were so many so I knew it was something big, and I had just gotten off the phone with my daughter and knew she was near the exit where the sirens seemed to be heading. 😦


    1. Yes, that is my Carol – on the right end as you view the photo. Also ‘my’ oldest. 😀
      Back at work for the first time since the car accident. Those are co-workers, and yes, dear friends who made it possible for her to be home and recuperate without worries. They are actually her ‘underlings’. She is the ‘boss’, but truly they are a team.

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