the colors in the sky

Wednesday time with God – first of day prayers

You are amazing Lord.
Whatever You are, You are amazing.
Help me to do good? (in and for the world)

and there’s the ‘rainbow’, the sun-dog.
Have they always been there, and I just never saw? the colors in the sky

He made the noise go quiet, just after I spoke (prayed) how hard it was to focus on Him with all the noise (there was some sort of construction going on)
and showed me the rainbow – the sun-dog.

It’s just a hole in the clouds – with a rainbow within
(an unexplainable hole in the cloud cover – or rather only one explanation – Him)
I search the sky for His signs and they are there.  I ask and He answers.

Prayers for my neighbor. Prayers for peace. Prayers for me to do good. Prayers for Your (God’s) glory.

Everything else moves on, but it remains –
the hole, the opening (portal?), and the rainbow within
I have been observing it for quite some time – in awe. It does not leave.

‘You will see Me coming in the clouds, but beware of false signs’

As I begin to say the St. Anthony chaplet, each time I prayed the name Yshwe, the rainbow faded, quickly, and was gone.

Now my thoughts shift to,
‘the devil and his demons flee at My name’

So what does it mean?

As I finished my prayer and petition to St. Anthony and looked up to go in, it was back!
Exact same spot.
Hole … opening in the clouds,
rainbow within.


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