My beautiful, happy upbeat daughter, now past the six week, recovery from surgery, mark.
Her name means song of joy, and she truly is.  ❤ of my ❤

From her Facebook page:
“She wanted to take a picture…doesn’t even know it but she’s taking selfies haha”


5 thoughts on “

    1. It’s hard to feel that way, because it happened at all,
      but yes, she had something, because when I read the police report and saw how far her car had been pushed backwards and managed, in early morning rush hour traffic, not to collide with any other vehicles… I still can’t wrap my mind around it,
      and I can’t wrap my mind around why this had to happen (and to such a lovely person),
      and the guy has done this before, and will only be put away for two years, is beyond maddening.
      and he will never know, understand, or care, what he has done to my daughter’s life.
      The person that let him have the car pays no penalty at all.
      It fills me with such anger, the fact that my health doesn’t allow me to fight…. fight for a change in the laws, for proper justice and future protection.


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