I posted this on Facebook today.

I typically don’t know how I feel about these things, but considering that the guy who did this is a low-life without proper insurance, who has put my daughter in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks, and through 2 surgical procedures already, and possibly facing more, plus all the recovery, and home nurse that will be needed, and the loss of her income…..
she and Jonathon are going to need all the help they can get.
… and Becky is right, this should not have happened to such a good, sweet, kind, and giving person. (where is that broken heart icon?)

Becky Tinsley Chambers with Carol M Richard and Jonathon Richard.
October 30 at 11:37am ·

One of my good friends was in a wreck this week. She was hit head on by a careless driver. Please help support her as she will be out of work for 6 weeks and has a toddler. Carol is the strongest, caring, most nurturing person, I know. She is a person that has always helped others. She is in stable condition right now and hopefully will be released from the hospital soon. Carol we are lifting you up in prayer! Please share to get the word out!

Click here to support Carol Richards Accident Fund by Becky Tinsley Chambers
Carol was in a life threatening car accident Tuesday and will be out of work for 6 weeks. She was hit head on and suffering from some internal injuries. She has a toddler and…


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