It’s not enough 😥 There’s nothing enough I can do for her.



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  1. Oh my friend, I’m not sure when you’ll see this, but please know that I am praying for your dear daughter, and for you! My husband and I both will be. I’ve been away due to some health issues myself, and just got on here tonight to catch up. I read your other post about the accident … I am so, so very sorry! You both will be in my prayers, Lynn! I also hope you’re able to get your keyboard fixed soon, as well. I’ll be checking in for updates. Sending hugs and healing prayers!


  2. Aw, Lynn, I know that feeling of helplessness. 😦 It it THE worst feeling. 😦
    Sometimes all we can do (but the best things we can do) is love them and pray for them.
    Love and prayers for Carol.
    And YOU can count on our love and prayers for you, too.
    HUGS and ❤


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