Oh Lord, the suffering in the world is so great….


inland got hit really bad by the storms
northeastern Florida got hit really hard by the storms
Haiti is suffering after the storm
the people in Aleppo are suffering the bombardment of bombs destroying their lives



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  1. Yes, it is. 😦 Too great. 😦 And so sad. 😦
    And we (as a country) should be focused on those things and not all the inane, foolish things that seem to dominate the news these days.
    (((HUGS))) and prayers to join with your prayers!


    1. It’s nice to be missed. Keyboard on laptop quit working. I’m getting quite paranoid… considering if I’ve been hacked and keyboard locked… 😛 I’m sure there are those out there that do not like what I am saying … trying to open eyes. Blame the paranoia on the political climate and things being revealed. There are those certainly capable. :-/

      Anyway I can only type with my cursor… tedious, tiring, choppy. 😛

      I am trying to work out what to do… repair, or replace. Meanwhile I am likely to be absent. 😦

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      1. Aw. Sorry to hear about all of that. 😦 Tech devices are great as long as they are working right…and when they are not, they are a source of stress. 😦
        Hope it can be repaired or replaced soon.
        (I have my oncologist exam and med-test today.)


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