Feeling blessed

Thank you all for making me feel so cared about when I came back and saw your comments. ❀ ❀ ❀

I went to bed and everything was fine.
I woke up and found I was completely cut off from the world.

Everything looks just fine. (where I’m at)
Today is such a beautiful ordinary fall day that you’d never know that anything had happened yesterday.

Hurricane thoughts/observations:
You know, I think we all look forward to an excuse for helping one another.
We are made for relationship with our fellow man.
It’s makes you wonder why we can’t welcome such things on ordinary days.

Now I get to begin the arduous task of trying to put my house back in order.

In some ways it has now been cleaned up?
All those things I was working on are now stashed away…
desk tops clear and looking nice, things that had long needed dusting and cleaning are now done…
but put away also means forgotten.
How do other people live their lives?
Do they just regularly put away things and forget them too?

I am so lost without my computer internet access.
I am lost without my music… without access to my music. 😦

Moms – you’ve gotta love ’em
I am surrounded by the aroma’s of cooking.
Because when mom’s get a break from the ‘rat race’ (work outside the home) what do they do? They cook.
All moms deserve to be stay at home moms.Β Β  πŸ™‚

Today I am feeling blessed.


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