Well we all know what tonight is.


I am opening up our clubhouse tonight hoping it will be an open invitation for my neighbors to join me in watching (and discussing) the debate.

Dialogue is what is missing in our society.  People have retreated to their individual camps creating extreme polarization.

Dialogue is what keeps us balanced.
People have lost the ability to have civil discourse, civil disagreement, civil discussion, civil debate…. interaction.
One camp is never entirely correct, or entirely wrong.

but people have been trained from childhood, beginning with my generation… ‘not’ to discuss difficult things with one another…

now they have lost the ability to do just that… with civility.

and with it, we have lost the balance the founders of the country sought so hard to ensure for the nation.



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    1. No one showed up the other night, but then I didn’t have time to tell anyone. I was just hoping they might see the lights on and check it out. I will be trying again on Oct. 9th. I put a notice up on our bulletin board by the mailboxes. 🙂

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