The news has just informed me that August went out with a thud.
I think maybe it came in with a thud too.
In fact I think the whole month may have been a thud. 😛


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  1. September greeted us with a dry, sunny day, and low humidity …
    a refreshing change around here, for sure!
    As for August … can we just move on and think happy thoughts?!
    Have to say, besides the weather we had that I’d like to forget,
    and family issues that’s had us on our knees,
    it wasn’t the best of months for me physically.
    A couple of health issues began to crop up that have been a bit worrisome.
    What I’m taking seems to be helping and I hope to be back to myself again real soon.

    Hope you’re doing well, Lynn …
    I’ve seriously missed dropping by to read your posts that never
    cease to make me smile, and hope to do that more often.
    Hoping that September is one to remember, in a good way that is,
    and your weekend is blessed, too! 🙂
    ~ Hugs ~


    1. Hi Debi,
      September greeted us with a tropical storm/hurricane. 🙂

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had troubles. Family issues that bring you to your knees are the hardest kind of troubles… so hard on the heart. ❤
      I too, am having a few.

      September is always a month when I want to go away somewhere. I was giving it serious consideration this year but due to more pressing issues, here I stick in this stuck muck, hoping I don't find that it was a mistake not to go.

      The weekend is looking good. Hope yours is too. I'm glad I can bring you smiles. You brought a smile to my day also.

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      1. So sorry I haven’t been back sooner, Lynn! I was keeping a close eye on that tropical storm/hurricane, as well, and hope you weren’t too affected!

        We’re still dealing with the family issues and my knees are getting calloused, but things are changing and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I’ll be praying that you’ll see more and more light in your family troubles, and that your heart gets lighter, too!

        Now that September is almost over, I do hope you find some time to get out of the ‘stuck muck’ and enjoy a change of scenery at least … I can totally relate! Getting away anywhere would be nice, but my husband is very busy this time of year and so here I sit … it’s really hard to squeeze any ‘fall’ time in, and it happens to be my favorite time of year too. Lately I haven’t felt like doing much though .. been dealing with some health issues. We’re trying to figure out what’s causing these ‘mystery’ symptoms I’ve been having. I do know it’s not diabetes, as a blood test ruled that out. Could be low thyroid which causes all sorts of odd symptoms I’m told, so that’s the next test, fun, fun!! I do have hope that we’ll eventually figure it out and I’ll start to feel ‘normal’ again, well, as normal as I can feel, that is! I hope you’re feeling well these days, too, my friend!

        Weather report … it’s dreary, gray, rainy, and 55* … such a change from yesterday which greeted me with warmer temps, sunny, clear blue skies, and a brisk breeze. I call those porch sittin’ days, but today, it’s a couch potato day! lol!

        So glad to see your reply when I signed on today … I’m going to eat some dinner and come back in a bit to catch up on some reading here. Thank you again for your kind words, Lynn … and those hugs up there sure felt good! 🙂 Sending some right back to you, my friend! (((hugs))) 🙂


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