I was thinking, ‘I wonder what the world is doing tonight.’


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  1. My world was quiet tonight…thinking of the 3 losses I know of here in WP today…and shedding some tears.
    I had a nice dinner with a friend, and then I came home and watched an old movie and had some quiet time.
    In the world tonight…a combination of pain and joy for the people in the world.


      1. Frank already deleted his site. That made me cry. 😦
        I have trouble imagining WordPress without him 😦
        Yes, poor Ali. 😦 She was very much a therapy/helper cat for Ruth and Tim.


    1. Ohhhhh, Frank deleted his site…. now that’s making me want to cry. 😥
      I can’t imagine my world without Frank either.
      Thank God I still have you.
      I was just thinking today, that you can’t make friends online like we used to. I wonder why that is. We made such good friendships in Xanga.
      I e-mailed Frank to tell him I’d kept a copy of that last picture of himself he posted, so he will always be with me. I have a photo of Rusty he had posted too. So I will always have them both. Rusty’s ‘smile’ always made me smile, so I always kept him on my desktop(computer).
      This is what I don’t like about tech. … it’s so easy for things to just fade away… disappear. 😦

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      1. Yeah, before when Frank just didn’t post for awhile, at least his site was there and we knew he might come back. We sure will miss him around here! 😦

        Yes, I’ve tried to branch out and make new friends online, but what I found is people want you to read and comment their blogs, but they rarely, or never, stop by to read and comment yours. 😦 I like a little reciprocation once in awhile…and want them to want to get to know me, too. But they don’t seem to want to. So all of my friends here are from Xanga. Oh well.

        Yes, I asked if I could keep a photo of Rusty after he died, so I have that to look at. I just loved Rusty! 🙂

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