the mystery man was in my dreams again
this isn’t a sensual-romantic thing
though he is quite obviously someone important to me, like a husband

‘let no weapon be formed’
‘beat your weapons into tools for the earth’
is it possible
to cease to make weapons
to instead work only to help one another

The discussion was about concealed carry,
and carrying a gun, even into church.

I tried to imagine if we were to just stop making weapons,
what then?  Would men cease their fighting?  Would they still engage in hand to hand or would they seek better ways?
What causes men to make weapons?  Originally to hunt?  but then they turned these weapons of survival against their fellow men?

in acts of anger?
in acts of power?

What if men were to give up power and seek only compassion?
Can it be imagined?
a world where we make no weapons


2 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. I wish there could be a world like that. SIGH 😦
    I think mankind will always fight…and if there are no weapons, they will use their fists…and other stuff, like sticks, rocks, etc. 😦
    And then I think about people using their words as weapons. That makes me sad, too. People can destroy others with their words. 😦
    Okay, gotta’ give and get some (((HUGS)))


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