Yes, so yes, I did it again…. the convention

My reactions:

I certainly hope the democrat’s are having as hard a time supporting Hilary as republicans have supporting Trump.
I’m listening to Tim Kaine talk down Trump about trusting him, and I hope the democrats listening to him realize that the same can be said about Hilary, that they have the same problem with their candidate. They both are known liars.

It also grates on the nerves when they keep saying ‘welcome the next president of the United States’, and ‘welcome the next vice president of the United States’.
I don’t remember hearing this at the GOP convention.

It does make one wonder if our ‘elections’ aren’t all just smoke and mirrors.

The thought of Bill Clinton back in the White House, and back in the public eye… Ugh.
Clinton’s just go away.

I can’t help wondering who all these people are that are at these conventions. Don’t they have jobs to go to? Who pays for them to be at these conventions?

Is it telling that Chelsea is not sitting with her father?

If Hilary is so qualified then why did she let our men in Benghazi die?
Why did she put our nation at risk by using a private server?

Anyone think it is ironic for Obama to accuse Trump of ‘just offering slogans’?


I’ve wanted to believe in Obama, I really have.

I was with ya Obama, until just like your wife, halfway, when you started dumping on Trump and praising decadence.

and I watch the people….
These are their gods….

He got me back after a little bit
very inspiring speech about what ‘we as americans are’

Still don’t believe in Hilary
Still don’t want the Clintons

Funny how much he(Obama as he speaks) puts me in mind of Macalusso though… (the Apocalypse series; Apocalypse, Revelation, Tribulation, Judgement)
saying all the right things,
but does he mean them?
or is he the ‘angel of light’? the demon of deception?
You can see where he casts a spell over those who listen without doubt.

Why don’t people see what I see?

Bernie looks like someone who can see right through Obama.
and I don’t think Bernie appreciated the speakers pandering to his supporters.
The cut aways to Bernie were telling.

I get the democratic arguments, but if we go with Hilary we are on the path to losing all morality, and our freedoms.

Very interesting that Obama would bring up the subject of dictators, and not wanting someone to be in power, and that we(the people) are the power.
A little bit of truth hides the lie?


8 thoughts on “Yes, so yes, I did it again…. the convention

  1. The truth mixed with lies is so deceptive. Just makes me feel a little sick. I wonder how long the Clintons can get away with it. Certainly not forever but I wish the cover ups would be uncovered!


    1. ❤ … or maybe to volunteer for that one way trip to Mars? 🙂

      or, since I’m so grounded…. time for a nice cup of coffee and escape with the aroma and joy of it, on my back porch. 🙂

      Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.


  2. Conventions are amazing. Republicans says the world and country is a mess. The Democrates way American is wonderful and getting better.

    I like the Peiloski statement. She said white males did not like Hillary due to God, Gays, and Guns. Just think, God is mentioned in one sentence with Gays and Guns. Lol.

    I just want to die a happy old man with my family around me.


  3. I told someone recently…come November we will either have a King or a Queen…and I don’t want either one. 😦
    I want a president…someone who is NOT egotistical and power-hungry…but who is compassionate, can compromise to do what is best for the country/people, can forget politics and focus on important issues, etc.

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