another long night…

in other words… Politics…

Nothing can hold back the hand of the Lord.
Truth will out, if the Lord wants it out.

Remember the Grey Poupon commercial? Discriminating taste.
Lack of discrimination leads to low living.
Anything goes living.
Without discrimination it is impossible to make laws.
Discrimination is the line between right and wrong, rule of law and no law.
When was the word changed to mean something different?

Ok, so far I’ve seen…
a speaker speaking to attack Trump
and celebrating homosexuality

lots of attacks on Trump, and lots of celebrating homosexuality…

Democratic party – modern day Sodom and Gomorrha

I don’t know why they keep talking about this healthcare for children that Hilary supposedly created. Medicaid has always paid for the care of children, and so has any other family insurance plan.

Hilary’s advertising campaign is already doing a H__ of a job on Trump.

I was loving listening to Michelle Obama speak…
until she went and made the comments, once again, about the White House having been built by slaves.  This country was built by alot more than slaves.
After that she lost me… she got too over zealous.
Up to that point she had me.

and I can’t stand every time I have to look at Bill Clinton…
I can’t feel anything but disgust.

It’s strange… both Hilary and Trump really seem to believe that they work for the good of others….
They’re both criminal. It’s kind of absurd to listen to Elizabeth Warren try to sell one over the other.

If it’s true that congress vetoed bills to stop tax-credits for corporations taking manufacturing overseas,
and to reduce/refinance student loans,
then shame on them,
but I don’t believe that is true.
For all of Obama’s term I have seen student loan reduction programs that have been made available.

Sorry, it’s the dem’s that constantly bring up race, religion, sex…

Obama’s the one who just refused to lower the $200,000 cap on expense accounts of prior presidents…. (that’s ‘expense accounts’, it doesn’t even take into consideration the incomes, pensions if you will, that they collect… and they say they are against entitlement programs… no one collects more entitlements than politicians)  If Obama cares so much about helping the little people, that would have been a good place to begin… free up all that money to make possible those more affordable educations, and housing, and basic needs of the struggling.
Why couldn’t he ‘pick up and use his pen’ for that?

Hilary will fight Wall Street? Not likely…. unless of course it’s to sell out Wall Street and our country to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia.

Feel the love…
the love for Bernie is overwhelming. Just wow.
It’s too bad he didn’t get his chance.
He deserves it so much more than Hilary.

Ok, so he lost me when he started praising Obama for ‘saving us from economic collapse’.
‘saved us’, how? By tripling our debt. 😦

How come my daughter always ‘managed to make it’ on $10/hour….
and by working her way up.
Alot depends on priorities, and how you choose to spend your money, and what you ‘think’ you are entitled to. My children were raised, not to be entitled, but to work.

… and then he had to descend….. 😦

Bernie, like Trump, talks too long.
I’m sure I didn’t listen to a good deal of the last half of what he had to say.

Gotta wonder how any of them really believe any of what they say.


6 thoughts on “another long night…

  1. I only heard part of it. Polls indicate that the unfavorable ratings of both candidates is high. Few voters want either candidate. It is fair in a way. Last week the Republicans attacked Hillary and now Deomcrats are attacking Trump.

    This is a godless, wicked nation driven by greed. I pray for God’s mercy every day.


    1. True enough. I pretty much didn’t listen to the speakers who were interested in directing attacks at Hilary. I was impressed by those who spoke to Trump’s character.
      I did listen to some of the attacks on Trump’s character by the speakers at the Dem. convention, and I must say, they were valid, and disturbing. 😦 I still feel that I can’t have Hilary choosing our next Supreme Court justices. Better to take a chance with Trump there.


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