I’ve just listened to a remark to the effect of having a 3 lb. brain. Is that how much our brain weighs? No wonder my head so often hurts. 😛

heavy brain

Other head holding thoughts:

I’ve always thought of my country as honest and good,
and every day I just seem to learn more and more of how criminal and corrupt it all is…
insurance… a good concept, but one which became such an abused system
stockholder shares …. such a good concept, but one which has turned our businesses into machines that benefit only top investors who constantly play with and manipulate markets
when 200% markups (and more) over cost are taught as acceptable practices in business…
Those are just a few that come to mind this morning, but every day I seem to be able to add new, sorrowing, discoveries to the list.


3 thoughts on “

  1. My brain is snack-size…so it only weighs 1 lb. 😉 😀 That is why zombies avoid me. My brain is not worth their effort. 😛

    All of that is head-holding stuff. 😦

    I’d add our country’s justice system to the list…I thought it to be good and honest until the 1990’s when I served on a jury for the first time…and sat through weeks of the jury selection process…etc…I was greatly disappointed with what I heard and saw with my ears and eyes. 😦



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