Long night tonight…

Thoughts from my viewing of the convention tonight.

‘Freedom matters’, yes, but the United States has forgotten the most important message…
‘but do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature’

I’m a little worried that Cruz still seems to be campaigning for himself. If the Republican ticket is split in the fall Hilary will win.

The testimony of Donald’s 32 year old son, Eric Trump, is so powerful.
Everyone should hear it.Ā  He sold me.Ā  Too bad the older son can’t be seen in this clip (he was sitting right next to his father).Ā  You could see how choked up he was throughout his brother’s delivery.


Ted Cruz had such an opportunity tonight… what a shame that he didn’t take it and use it to his good.
I could never, now, “in good conscience”, vote for him, after that display tonight. Such a shame. šŸ˜¦

“What difference does it make at this point?”Ā  (Hilary Clinton)
Those words hurt my heart… they tear up my heart… for the parents of our military men, every time I hear them.

Words I am waiting to hear (reserving judgement), but that I doubt I will hear at the Democratic convention…
‘God bless America’… or the mention of God at all.


12 thoughts on “Long night tonight…

  1. I am praying for the best to make our country better than it is now to win on all positions in this election. The congress and representatives need to change too. I am undeclared for a reason. I am going to vote for the person who is going to do the best for my values and not just for a party because I am a Democrat or Republican. You hear so many people say I am voting for so and so because they are my parties candidate.

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  2. I re-registered many years ago as “no party”. Although I like party-parties šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜€ …I didn’t want either the Dems or the Reps counting me when it comes to politics. And have always voted for the person I think will do what is best for the country/people no matter what their party.
    That is why this election is going to be so frustrating and difficult. šŸ˜¦
    I like when you share the highlights from watching the convention!
    HUGS!!! šŸ™‚

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  3. I haven’t been watching but I do think Cruz went with his conscience, didn’t he? I heard the Trump people had prearranged boo parties planned. Such a shame. I agree.

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    1. Hi Miriam, You may be correct about the pre-arranged boo’ing because it seems that I’ve heard Trump was presented with a copy of Ted’s speech before the event, and knew what he planned to say…. plus the well timed (staged?) entry of Trump while Ted was finishing up.
      It seems like everything is smoke and mirrors today. I wonder if it’s always been that way.

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