It really disturbs me when I hear adults talking like children.
Sitting on my porch, I just listened to a grandmother say to a 4 year old child (porch below me), “I’m going to kill you…. now I’m going to have to clean all this shit.”
and we wonder why we have kids that turn into angry adults? When they have adults in their lives that treat them with this kind of vehemence and disdain?
I had noticed not too long ago how angry this little boy’s face looked. It hurt my heart, and has haunted me since.  Little children should have happy faces.
Not two days ago I heard the mother saying to the child, “Are you f’n kidding me? Did you just break grandpa’s glasses? He’s going to kill you.”
weeping heart


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  1. This is SO sad! I think it is verbal and emotional abuse.
    As a teacher, I can tell you…when I met the parents, I understood the children better. Almost 100% of the time, if a child was angry or spoke mean words or were bullies, etc., when I met the parents I found out why…because that is how the parents behaved. 😦

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      1. Exactly what I was saying to my daughter… ‘and these are the kids the teachers then have to deal with’. I guess the people below me just don’t know any better. I found myself, wondering to myself, ‘How do you educate people like that?’
        The couple is very young and the father seems to be pretty good with his son… I used to think it was his little brother he was playing ball with… so either I am getting that old, or they are that young. lol
        It just so hurts my heart to see a child that young looking so angry. 😥 I seem to see more and more like that… and too many adults that don’t speak kindly to their children. Where is the love? 😦

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      1. Kids learn from example…from actions…more than they do from words. I always hope that positive loving example is their parent(s)…if not, I hope they find that example in a teacher or grandparent… 🙂
        We all learned our parenting skills from our parents or from books…I’m not sure the young parents of today have learned from anyone…and they need a loving adult to take them under their wing and share good parenting skills with them. 🙂

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