Once again

as the storms roll in….

from the river

I hear the gentle sound of the thunder.

Just stepped outside, and the breeze is incredible, and the coolness is incredible…
I still wonder at the birds that fly up into the storms.

and this time the storms did bring rain,
and as I sat there, eyes closed, I began to take in the fragrance of the wet earth, taking me back to other times, of memories past. Time on the lake.

Inside now, and the lightning is like WOW … literally, I keep saying “Wow”.
Definitely have been a few strikes.
The rain is gentle. The lightning is fierce.

edit: Strike that. The rain is fierce now too. Unexpected. The storm is thick. All of God’s fury unleashed. This is like a tropical storm. Not at all expected. Praying my daughter is not caught on the road in it trying to get home from work, and praying for safety of all those traveling on the roads right now. The next hurdle for my daughter in getting home will be the prospect of flooding, and I know she will be in a panic and driven to get home. If you read, please pray she remains safe. Thank you.


12 thoughts on “Once again

  1. I am praying for her now!
    Rain can be scary when you are driving in it. 😦
    We had rain yesterday and it’s expected all of this week. Always a big SHOW before the rain starts though!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Carolyn. I can always count on your prayers. (((hugs)))
      I haven’t spoken with my daughter, but I assume all is well. I saw that she had been on Facebook last night. My way of checking in on my kids when I know they don’t have time to be on the phone…. (or when it isn’t safe to be on the phone… like in horrendous storms πŸ™‚ )

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    1. Thank you Miriam. All is well.
      I am sure that some places flooded. The streets that my daughter takes home from work always flood when it rains like this. She works down at the beach. I don’t know how late she may have gotten home last night. It depends on how far out ahead, in the middle or, or behind, the storm she was. She was cut off once before because of flooded roads.


  2. i share the feelings and the dreams you have under the rain and even the storms but when I am well sheltered in a shed .
    My latest son has been flooded for a part by a thick rain flowing from a field above his house . he and his wife had to build quickly a barrrage with sand and wood to block the water, But they has water in the cellar . Fortunately they had an electrical pump!
    Love ❀


    1. Yes, rain when it comes down too fast, or too much at one time, can be a problem. I am glad your son has a pump, and I hope the damage wasn’t too much. It sounds like he has dealt with this before?


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