Magnolia, sorrow, and dreams

The beautiful magnolia tree…
I don’t want to leave here…
I will miss the magnolia tree

Egret Pointe magnolia

This place ought to be called Magnolia Pointe
I can’t believe how many people don’t seem to know of the egret… that it is one of the great birds…
maybe I only am aware of them because of having lived in Florida? The great white bird.
We do get the heron that visits here, but I have never seen the egret, not here, not in North Carolina, but yes, always in Florida. So why did they name this place Egret Pointe I wonder.

Bitter is the word…
‘choose joy over sorrow’
I don’t know how to do that.
If I can’t do anything to stop what is going to happen…
It seems I am at odds with all the world, and with all that touches my life.

I struggle not to be bitter, and sometimes I don’t even want to fight, but to just give in and be bitter…
and yet, it’s not who I want to be… especially to others.

I have dreams….
Where is the man that wants to make my dreams come true?  😉


15 thoughts on “Magnolia, sorrow, and dreams

  1. Magnolia tress are heavenly! 🙂

    It is funny how they name places, cities, streets, etc.! I always wanted to have that job! The history on how towns/cities are named are sometimes very interesting! I like when they are named after something other than just a person’s last name. Ha! I have a friend who lives in Intercourse, PA. (There’s a name to research! 😮 ) She sent me a magnet for my ‘frig that says, “I love Intercourse!” 😀

    Sometimes it’s hard not to give in to bitter. 😦 I always fight it and go in the opposite direction…joy, sweetness, amiable, etc. Bitter is too hard on a person’s heart and soul to give into it for very long.

    Ha…I typed “butter” and had to change it. But “butter” fits…”Sometimes it’s hard not to give in to butter.” Ha! 😛 😀

    I don’t know where he is, darn him! 😉 Maybe Santy will put that man under your tree this Christmas! 😛 What is your type? A George Clooney? A Brad Pitt? A Sam Elliott? A Colin Firth? An Alice Cooper? 😉 😀

    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. Bitter is a hard pill to swallow? 🙂
      Yes, sometimes it’s hard not to give in to butter too. lol Butter can be hard on the heart too…. or so it’s been said.
      Maybe I should just give in and be butter. 😛
      I’ll have to think of what my type is…. definitely not Mr. Cool, like in the video. 😛
      I like intelligent, industrious, easy going, active, thoughtful, helpful…. that’s not asking too much is it? I just want someone who will adore me and care for me… again… asking too much? Financially well set too would be nice…. a man that could help make my dreams come true. I have ideas that I would like to make into realities. 🙂

      Oh yes, btw, you had me cracking up about that refrigerator magnet! Eek, what a place to choose to live. I don’t know that I could. lol

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      1. Yes, it is hard not to give into bitter or butter. 😀
        I don’t think you are asking too much. I wish and pray and hope for you to have someone to adore you and care for you!!! And that together you could realize both of your dreams! 🙂
        Yes, it says “I love Intercourse, PA” on the magnet…but the “PA” part is very very very small compared to the rest of it! 😮 😀
        HA! There are some really unusual and funny names in some states. 😛


  2. Maybe you should just give in and be butter. 😛 Life is hard and then harder. 😦 It really is. I wish we could sit down and have a chat over coffee in a lovely relaxing place with gentle breezes. But we all have running around to do, in a hurry and we think we know why. Blessings and good cheer being wished for you!


    1. I would love that! The next time I have coffee I will think of you, and imagine us sitting in that lovely place with a breeze. 🙂
      Thanks for the blessings and good wishes. I am off to spend some time in prayer now. ❤


  3. Good Morning, Lynn.

    Sadly the god of this world has a free hand to cause havoc. Big Bad Bummer. I sure know what you are talking about. I shield myself with my humor.

    My single daughter never married. She is not Gay, but the one boy she liked in high school got a gal pregnant and married her. My daughter was hurt. I don’t think she ever recovered. She thinks God is punishing her. Some in marriage think they are being punished.

    My wife’s favorite young senior pastor preached on Romans 8″12—-17 and it really affected me. I have listened to that message several times. He said we are a child of God and He is like a Papa or Daddy according to Paul. We are his much loved children and we should feel like his children longing, loving and wanting to please our Father. I am not there and it kind of scared me. Am I really saved?

    I wish you well in fighting bitterness. It is worth the fight.




    1. Hi Frank, I learned a prayer as a child that might help you too. It is a prayer that has always deeply touched me.

      Act of Contrition:
      O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended thee,
      and I detest all my sins, because of thy just punishments,
      but most of all because they offend thee, my God, Who art all-good and deserving of all my love.
      I firmly resolve, with the help of thy grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and amend my life. Amen
      (Psalm 51:3-4)

      because I have always felt most strongly the part about
      ‘most of all because they offend Thee my God who art all-good and deserving of all my love.’

      I think it became especially poignant to me when I became a parent, and when I experienced the grieving heart of a parent.
      It made me realize, if we are all God’s children, how very broken His heart must be to see us all in such disobedience and lack of love for Him.


    2. What I hate for Pam and myself, is that people might even think that we are homosexual just because we are not with a partner. That bit makes me angry… that homosexuality is treated like a normal and expected thing, and a normal person can not even be viewed as normal anymore.

      It pleased me to read that you understand what I am talking about. All I see everywhere in the world now is evil. I guess I want to shield myself with bitter? Or as Carolyn and Miriam have said, maybe I should shield myself with butter. 😛
      But truly I guess we must put on the full armor of God. I continue to immerse myself in His Word, and pray for His protection and comfort.

      Blessings on your day Frank.


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