hot earth

It’s another scorcher today… mid 90’s, and no breeze.  It’s been so hot that my citronella candle on my porch has turned to liquid.  😮

My prayer today:
Let me please be doing enough for You Lord.

Now to decide, do I want to watch a cerebral movie today, or a fun one?
(to self: “Yeah, yeah, I know I should be making phone calls….” … can you picture those little guys sitting on my shoulders whispering in my ears? 🙂 )


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  1. Do the little guys look like this 😈 and this 😇 ?!
    Who won?
    Which kind of movie did you watch?!

    That is hot! 😦 Aw, your poor candle!

    Stay cool and safe! With temps that hot you need a mister! Ha. Instead of a Mr.

    COOL-HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. lol – Yes, that was them… no phone calls were made. 😛
      I chose ‘fun’ movie, which was to watch The Bachelor, and it turned out to be such a waste of time. Not really fun, just annoying. 😦
      The nice thing about candles is they do re-harden… the bad thing about this one, is the wick has disappeared. I don’t know if I can fix that.

      Oh! I was thinking Mr., and having a chuckle … you know, when you’re hot to trot? hehehe (Remember the episode of Frasier when they’re having a heat wave and Daphne ends up over at Niles? … funny, I just happened to watch that episode last night. 🙂 )

      hot-hugs (not in the sensual sense though 😉 … I hate even having to add that clarification… there was a time when it wouldn’t even be a thought)

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  2. At first, Lynn , I thank you for your comments on my latest post . I appreciated much .
    You have counted more then 40 days of gap ? 🙂 41 ? 🙂
    It is hot in your area while we always have a gray sky and a lot of rain all of the spring . I was a bit discouradged .
    In the comments of your previous post some were speaking of butter . Do not forget to put it in the fridge with your burning sun . 🙂
    Love ❤


    1. Hi Michel, and wlecome back! Yes, you are missed when you are not around. 🙂

      Yes, the butter melts quickly if left out on the counter-top too long.
      We had alot of gray skies too up until this past week. I had been missing the sun, but this heat…. whew! I wasn’t missing that.

      You try to stay dry and cheery,
      and I’ll try to stay cool and cheery. 🙂

      Cheery-bob to you. ❤


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