CGI binging

been binging on these ‘shorts’ again. 🙂 I think I know of someone who will enjoy. 😉  Just give me 15 minutes of your time… that’s total, not each.  🙂

Ok, just one more…. no really…. this one had me cracking up by the end. 🙂


6 thoughts on “CGI binging

  1. Good Morning, Lynn. I will admit it. Just for you I watched all three videos. #1. Creepy. #2 I love Forever Young. #3 Finding a boyfriend is still tough.

    I have never watched this kind of story telling. Interesting.

    Hope you had a nice Sunday.


    Frankie All Alone

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    1. Hi Frank, I’m glad you watched! I had you in mind when I shared #2 but didn’t think you’d be around since you’re on your break from blogging. 🙂
      #1 – Yes, creepy, that was my exact reaction. lol
      Sunday was long, and now here we are at the 4th of July, another holiday, so I am expecting today to be long too. I am also alone today. Usually I see my daughter on Mondays but they have 4th of July plans with friends… which is right and good. 🙂 These things I had always intended and expected to be family things/gatherings, but my family broke apart, so it is what it is. I will be able to hear for sure, and see some of the fireworks later tonight… those that go high enough to be seen through the trees, if I choose to go outside. Last year I got bitten by bugs so I don’t know if I’ll step out on my porch this year or not. I was hearing fireworks last night. It seems to be a weekend long thing around here since I can hear them from several towns/districts/areas… plus then, there’s always the people that do them at their own homes…. I am not a fan of that activity, but we had alot of rain yesterday so that helps.
      Anyway, just look at me yakking your ear off. I hope you have a wonderful Monday.


    1. Hi Carolyn, You were the other person I had in mind for #2. Somehow I could picture that being you. 🙂
      Figured you’d get a laugh out of #3 too.
      My 4th was hot…. not in the exciting way…. just hot and boring. 😛

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