C’mon rain!  🙂

C'mon rain

I’m really tired of the dreary and overcast.  Bring on the rain.

— Edit —-

Ok, so the rain never came, but the sun did, and that is just as good!  🙂

Off-beat notes:
I heated up a frozen pizza for lunch and I don’t know what it is about pizza….  Did you ever notice how well pizza and ice cream go together?   I just always have to have ice cream afterwards.  🙂


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  1. We’ve had enough rain for a while, but I love it … and pizza, and ice cream right after, too! 🙂
    We had pizza for dinner tonight, but after, instead of ice cream, we each had an ice cold fruit Popsicle for dessert.
    Mine was pomegranate … his was tangerine! So refreshing on a warm summer night! 🙂

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