The darn-dest things

I get to see the darn-dest things, because I’ve got these great windows on the world…
Large windows throughout my dining room(/sunroom as I call it) and living room… it’s why I love my apartment.
Sitting on my couch watching my movie I was distracted by a bird battle is the best way to describe it…
Large bird kept flying by, frantically chased by smaller bird/birds…
I finally had to get up and go look…
Turns out the mockingbirds, apparently harassed by a crow (grackle, whatever it is… it’s a BIG blackbird), were giving chase… to keep it away from their nests I imagine.
The darn-dest thing.

Mockingbirds are fearless… and, VERY protective of their nests! I learned this the hard way.  I was dive bombed by a mockingbird once, for trying to look in a nest in one of my bushes.  Scared the pants off me… as in I literally jumped and fell backwards onto my bottom, it scared me so bad.  lol  That was in my younger years when the body could take stuff like that.  🙂


3 thoughts on “The darn-dest things

  1. Yes, don’t do any backward-bottom-falling now-a-days! 😉 🙂
    Yes, mockingbirds are tough!
    I once saw a mother mockingbird attack a kitty-cat who was walking toward the tree she had her nest in! She dive bombed him good! 😛
    HUGS!!! 😉


  2. I would love more windows in our home … we miss so much without them!
    We saw a huge flock of black birds land near our bird feeder one time, intent on getting a bite of lunch.
    All the smaller birds were scared off, so we scared them off! I hope we never see that again!
    Reminded me of that movie, The Birds, from eons ago! Being dive bombed by any bird would be frightening!

    We do get to see other critters while sitting on our porch, though.
    Just yesterday we saw two rabbits playing leap-frog for at least a half an hour.
    Wish I had all that energy … they never seemed to tire of it, and we never tired of watching them!
    Ah, the simple joys of life! 🙂


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