and even more Odd-n-Ends :-)

The life of ‘I’ is not the same without Frank. 🙂

amazon drones
the skies are getting awfully crowded
the poor birds

I watched the Charlie Rose interview with Joe Biden today.

Why the heck can’t the sunni’s and the shia’s get along? If they could then you wouldn’t have the mess that is Iraq, and Syria, today… if they, the sunni’s and the shia’s could just stand together with everyone else in their nation, instead of against each other, they could stand against ISIS (Da’esh).

The islamic world’s reluctance to invest anything in their own defense, in their own rebuilding…
Unlike Germany after the war, when the rest of the world went in and rebuilt Germany…
the islamic world doesn’t want to let anyone in

AND they don’t want to step up to their own defenses… they want the U.S. to do it. (i.e., Turkey not willing to create its own no-fly zone… wants someone else, i.e., the U.S., to do it)

The world should appreciate how much the U.S. is willing to spend of its own produced income in the defense of the rest of the world.
but they don’t.

Putin isn’t willing to invest the resources of his nation…
everyone turns to the U.S. to do it…
and then gets angry about the fact.

Biden said it well…. everyone else is willing to stand their with their arm out saying, ‘here I’ll hold your coat, but you go do the fighting’

I have finally decided to revisit and watch the Star Wars series.
“If an item does not exist in our records, it does not exist.”  (the point here being, that the planet does exist, but has been removed from the records, and therefore the dumb humans are told to believe it doesn’t exist. 😛 )

Kinda prophetic to where the world was headed… kind of where we are today… when people come to rely on computers for everything… to have all the answers.



One thought on “and even more Odd-n-Ends :-)

  1. You have to remember that The mess Iraq and Syria are in, is because of the invasion of Iraq by the US . Until then, that dictator was controlling their land very well. We had no business policing a different government. Once the dictator was removed, all hell broke lose. If Bush had not lied, and if he had not invaded that land, hundreds of thousand innocent civilians of that land would not have been massacred. There is a very good book titled “The State of Denial; Bush at War”, by Woodward. It is an eye opener.


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