My odds-n-ends

fun observation – I’m watching home renovator’s…
one person’s “cozy”, is another person’s “claustrophobic” – tehehe

cackling crows – I was hearing quite a racket going on in the woods today and thought it must be that the baby squirrel’s were just leaving their nest…. either that or the squirrel’s and the crows were having an argument…
turned out it was baby crows just out of the nest and calling back and forth to the parents. The parent’s seemed to be trying to lead them to fly up into the higher branches of the trees, probably for safety. So fun.

The rains came with fury again today,
but the thunder was not the loud, commanding voice of the other day,
today the thunder had a contented sound.

‘funny how when you think you’re right , everybody else must be wrong,
till someone with fool’s wisdom comes along’

~ Got myself some Wisdom from a leatherback book ~


3 thoughts on “My odds-n-ends

  1. We had a cat once that was part some other kind of wild cat and it feed a baby crow to her kittens. The parents made a rucus for along time–several days as I recall. Normally, she caught small rodents. She was in love with an old ugly tom cat next door.

    We are having a heat spell. Does heat spell?

    I am still alone. My wife should come home on Sunday.

    Hope you are doing well. I have been eating red meat all day.

    Frank All Alone


    1. Better that you eat red, than to see red. 😉
      I am still alone…. no one is coming home. 😛
      If heat could spell, it would spell, h-o-t. 😀 It’s been in the 90’s here also.
      Hope you are doing well, during your heat spell.
      and staying cool, do you wish you had a pool? 🙂
      Holiday (((hugs))) for Frank all alone (i.e., a Frank holiday). 🙂


  2. I like the Spring and early Summer when the baby birds are vocal. 🙂
    The raven are back now, I’m still waiting for the owls. I’ve seen the robins, hummingbirds, finches, etcs., even a roadrunner. I’ve seen some quail parents with their line of babies scurrying behind them! 🙂
    Odd-N-Ends-N-This-N-That HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…had my next 3 month cancer check and test today. Now I await results. I will put the result on my blog when I get some.

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