Beyond the Veil

Standing outside in a storm, it is so easy to understand how the ancients would have thought the gods, or God, was angry.
The rain coming with fury.
The all encompassing booming of the thunder… especially the thunder… enough to make one cower.
The way the lightning divides the sky… the ‘veil’ being torn in two…
so many things easy to understand… and yet, not
I stand there and I wonder at what they knew. I wonder at what we do not know.
The battle going on out there beyond our vision… beyond the veil.

Standing in the storm… how could anyone not believe that there is a great deal more to this thing we call life?


8 thoughts on “Beyond the Veil

  1. Yes. One funny thing mom used to say when something happened like a tree branch falling on her car or some such event, ‘I think the devil must be mad at me.’ πŸ˜› I think he hates us all the time and tries to mess up our days. So glad God is watching!

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    1. how boring it would be to be most people….tonight when darkness falls, look for the waxing crescent moon in the western sky, that nearby bright β€œstar” is actually the king planet Jupiter, the brightest starlike object in the evening sky. Isn’t life GRAND!!!!

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      1. Thanks! I’m always staring up there wondering what planets I’m seeing. I don’t remember anything being close to the moon last night though. One far off to the right…. and mars far off to the left.

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      2. Okay, I will look at it all! πŸ™‚
        Coop and I have two more walks in us before bedtime.
        God reveals (and speaks) so much through nature…skies, nature-acts (like storms, etc.), flowers, trees, soil, animals, insects, etc. But, most human-beans are scurrying around and don’t notice.
        I enjoy watching birds, insects, squirrels, bunnies, frogs, my pets, etc. And I enjoy the night-sky especially. πŸ™‚
        It IS!!!!


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