a man stole her daughter, her child, who was still a child
talk about nightmares!
a beautiful life turned into a nightmare
because it doesn’t seem real… CAN’T be real
the life, the family you’ve built… broken…. shattered…. and pieces have gone missing
how can one cope
how do you go on
picking up the pieces of what’s left, but never whole again
the mirror now reflects only a part of the picture
trapped in the nightmare tho it become less overpowering and frightening as years pass and dissolve away
life, a blur, never again quite clear or reflective of the beauty that was there
the nightmare remains
it loses power, but it remains, ever waiting with its icy cold grip, to reach out and once again grab and squeeze your heart
the thing that never should have happened
the thing that forever changed you, and your life
you try to look only in the pieces that reflect your life now and find the beauty there
but the fact remains… pieces that once reflected other beauty are missing
and that fact can not always be ignored
sometimes those pieces make themselves glaringly felt
the mirror of your life remains shattered.


3 thoughts on “

  1. The combo of your words and that song brought tears to my eyes. 😦
    Having a child stolen, missing, or dead is THE worst pain. Shattered describes it perfectly. Having a child injured or battling a disease, or being the victim of a crime or abuser, etc., is horrifying, too. 😦
    I’ve felt that shattering. You are never the same again. 😦


  2. I just don’t see how people can recover from losing a child like that. To never find out what happened to them would just be too horrible for words. 😦 Yes, shattered is the word for it.


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