My dear praying friends,

please be in prayer for my granddaughter, Ariana.  She is running a 104 temperature and my daughter has been instructed by her doctor to go to the emergency room with her.  She’s been running a temp. of 101 all day that went up to 103 and now 104 this evening.

Thank you dear friends.

perfect Love of God cast away my fear


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  1. Thank you everyone for your prayers. They were able to get the fever to break at the hospital, and granddaughter tested negative for … um, a few things, I don’t remember other than they did test for strep…. Allowed to go home and will see her regular doctor in the morning to see how she is doing. Keep up the prayers please. It seems like nothing out of the ordinary and I pray God’s blessing to keep it so.

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    1. Hi Frank, I am still waiting to hear. I have not heard from my daughter yet, but I do not know what time the doctor was going to be able to see them. It is possible she has not seen the doctor yet. I am waiting, continuing in prayer. Thanks for your loving concern. ❤


    1. Thank you Elizabeth. She appears to be in recovery from whatever it is that is ailing her. I am always so thankful for prayer. It is frightening when one so little runs a temperature so high. I hope all is well on your homefront. ❤


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