Just finished watching

with God on our side

Turns out it was a good refresher to alot of things I missed in the busy daily grind of those years.  Very interesting to see some of the footage.

I think perhaps the mistakes of Bush were necessary to bring us to where we are today… i.e., God’s plan….
(I never have been convinced he won the election rightly because of the hanging chad thing in Florida, but God wanted him in leadership because God knew what had to happen, and what was to come?)

and perhaps the same is now true for Trump.


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  1. Poor Bush family. The major Newspapers in Floaria did a total recount severy times and Bush actually won. They were sure he lost, but they could not prove he lost. Going to the Supreme Court was a mistake and created doubts.

    I think the Bush decision to invade Iraq was the worst decision for this country in my lifetime and we cannot get out of it. It was wrong and a total waste of the military and money. My opinion. Lol




    1. Hi Frank, I agree, what you say about Iraq, but it was that which brought us to where we are now… the rise of the ‘islamic state’, and the revealing of many things about islam. Hopefully it is working to wake up many muslims, themselves, and work to the saving of their souls as they come to see the Truth and come to know Jesus. Islam has denied them knowing Jesus, His message, His Word, His saving Grace.


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