I get to enjoy a virtual menagerie from my apartment. No matter where I sit I can look out a window and see mourning doves sitting on rooftops, or in the trees, or on the ground, and can hear them cooing…
I get to see a Heron fly right past my window and porch, and down to the pond…
the best was the time I saw a turtle crawling up the bank from the pond…
I get to see cardinals in the trees, and hear them in the bushes…
and various smaller birds visit my porch from time to time…
the mockingbird that likes to sit on the tip-top of a tree and sing his assortment of melodies…
and all the others birds that sing unseen, in the trees…
I’ve seen (I believe it was) a hawk sitting in the treetop having his meal of freshly caught squirrel (that one was as yucky as it was fascinating)…
and I thank God for all of this.

not as keen about the fire breathing (not actually, but he is a fire-headed) skink (lizard for those of you that aren’t amphibiologist’s (my word)) that visited my porch yesterday… they can be quite aggressive and scary… their head literally turns red like fire when they are feeling aggressive…
I love the anoles (also lizards) though… they are cute, friendly, and color-changing… not scary at all. 🙂

Oh yes, did I mention that I found a giant very large snail on my doorstep one night, and it is now living on my porch?  (Wish I had a way to post a photo)
Yeah, I’m going to have to turn him back to the wild so my daughter informs me. I keep worrying about it’s survival since I don’t know when they ever eat. I keep thinking it has died since it only moves about once a week. Too much worry, and my daughter declined turning it loose in her yard, so I guess I’ll just have to hope I can find it a safe spot somewhere outside my apartment building.

God has His ways of keeping me amused. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Menagerie

  1. Yes! 🙂

    This is one of my fav things about Spring…is the return of all the animals and birds and insects with their activity, talking, singing, etc. 🙂 (Notice I did NOT say reptiles! 😮 )

    When we lived in San Diego we had lots of snails in our yard and garden. They seemed to like to eat grass…and hang around water. So, is there a patch of grass you can relocate Mr. Snail to?!

    HUGS, no slugs! Ha! Get it?! 😛

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  2. I go through similar beautiful spring activities in my yard. The cardinals, doves, finches and blue jays along with sparrows are all over the yard, not to mention the bunnies and the squirrels. So much fun, no?


  3. I love watching all those things too! Of course here in the north it’s a bit different but still amazing, this wonderful world we live in. 🙂


  4. You life in an Enchanted Place of Dreams. I llive in a haunted place of screams.

    I enjoyed reading how you enjoy God’s creation.

    Even Hawks get hungry for rare steaks. We are just more civilized about it.

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