Looking at the world…

I look at things in the world today…
things that I know are wrong,
but things that also made us feel alive…
(there’s something so magical about Prince’s music,
but at the same time I know, he was a tortured soul. I’m surprised he lived as long as he did)

and I wonder what my grandmother thought when she looked at the world,
and I wish she was still around to ask.


One thought on “Looking at the world…

  1. Love your thoughts here! All of them!

    We all have to find the ways that help us cope, survive, live…related to our backgrounds, the bad and ugly we’ve endured, our sorrows and disappointments, etc and so on and so forth. And I love that artists: writers, musicians, painters, photographers, etc. live on in their passion/work. But, more importantly, we should live on in the people we love, the people we’ve cared for/about and tried to make their lives better in personal ways. 🙂

    About 20 years ago now, a lady in her 60’s told me that when she was having her children, her grandmother asked her, “Why would you want to bring children into this world? With each year the world seems to get worse.” I guess as we get well-seasoned we do see the bad changes in the world, but worse yet, we see the things that should have changed for the better and never did. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed.

    GREAT post!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


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