The trouble with cat-sitting.
I am the one getting sat-on.

Every time I sit down, the cat thinks it is for the purposes of her to sit on me…
i.e., Buttercup jumps in my lap every time I sit,
and I am not a person to remain sitting.  I am a get up and down kind of person.

I fear I am a great frustration to her,
as she is also a frustration to my purposes,
making for long days.

I need a less needy cat. 😉

Having children or pets around is work-making.
I have to remember to close certain doors, pick certain things up (like not leaving food or drink in an accessible place while I leave the room, or the cat might have a snack in my absence :-P)… not leaving the basin with the bleach water sitting where the cat might drink it… constantly keeping an ear out to make sure no one is getting into mischief…
It’s having to always be on.
This is what’s been nice about retirement… having finished with the raising of children… a life more at ease.

Nothing is going to happen to me that the Lord and I can’t handle


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  1. HA! This made me laugh and smile! 🙂 Sorry, but since I am NOT cat sitting, I can do so! 😉 😛 And I do understand what you are going through, so I have some sympathy! Ha! 🙂
    My youngest has a friend with two cats and a dog and she pet-sits when this friend has to go out of town. The pets stay in their own home and my daughter goes by to feed them and check on them each day before and after work. One of the cats is more dog than the dog and loves for my daughter to hold him and pet him and cuddle him. This cat won’t even eat while she’s there because he’d rather sit on her lap and get some lovin’ than eat his food. His name is Chester. 🙂
    Well, we are all different animals with different personalities and needs, etc. 😀 I’ve been called Tigger a lot in my life…so if I was a cat, I’d be a bounce-y bother-y cat! 😀
    I bet you will miss Buttercup when she has to leave! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. My wife has the same problem with me.

    Owning pets comes with responsibility. You are doing a great job.
    My dog and wife cost lots of money and the are worth it.


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