It looks like we’re going to have rain today.
It’s a shame. It’s so warm out, it would be nice to sit in the sun, but there is none.

Sometimes I have this overwhelming feeling that I am writing my own story…

you know, the whole, author of my own life thing?
Sometimes I sense that it is literally true…
and if that is the case, I sit here saying to myself, ‘I am writing a really bad story’, and asking myself, ‘Why?’
Now, obviously my story is not really, really, bad. Lots of people have terrible, horrible, stories… the people in the mid-east being tortured, beheaded, sold into slavery… who’s writing their stories?
But like I said, there are just some things that seem to say to me that I am creating my story, and I wonder why did I write it with heartache? with illness? with loss? Where is my happy ending? πŸ˜€
Are we all the authors of our own lives? Do we create our reality?


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  1. Excellent questions! Not sure I have any satisfying answers.

    I think to some degree we can write our own story based on our choices, our attitude, how we act and react, etc.,…but, this is still LIFE and it often throws things our way that we did not write, did not want, wish didn’t happen. 😦 And we are affected by what other people do (good and bad).

    So, I guess we try to control ourselves and try to do good each day. But, we can’t be in control of anyone else and what they will do or say.

    If you are a believer in Jesus, I think you are going to have a VERY she- “lived happily ever after”-ending!

    After I die, I plan to go The Great Bed, Bath and Beyond and shop for eternity! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚


    1. hehehehe – You mean other people are writing over my story? … well, that just stinks doesn’t it? …. well, I guess sometimes they add some good stuff that I might not have thought of too…. πŸ™‚

      I was particularly having in mind the fact that I always felt like ‘I’ caught my husband, and oddly enough when we were looking for a topper for our wedding cake I just happened to find one of a bride catching hold of the groom’s coat tails. Looking back it just seems so oddly coincidental. I have never seen such a topper since… almost like I had ‘written it into my story’.
      Think I’ll try to post some photo’s.

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