I’ve had a crabby day.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember…
I actually did do alot of good things with my life,
in helping others, in being there for others.
There was a time when I was appreciated…
sometimes that’s hard to remember…
a time that is hard to remember, as it has faded away.

and now,

I am a crab.
I thought since the sports seasons were over with… football… basketball….
things might return to normal with my neighbors now.
I don’t know, maybe they’re playing video games that they got for Christmas?  They get quite loud… like, almost sounds like they are in my apartment, loud.  At least they are not blaring music though… then I would be really crabby… right now I’m just a little bothered and feeling like I have crabby thoughts.
I don’t understand. When I was raising my family, we weren’t whooping it up in the evenings. We had daytime get-togethers with family and friends, not friends over at midnight to 2 am.
When we were raising kids we were settled down… i.e., being grown-ups, not children ourselves anymore. When we played, it was with our children… children’s games. We didn’t make our children live in an adult/adolescent world. The adults were adults. The children were the children.  :-/

and people wonder what’s wrong with the world … ??


2 thoughts on “

  1. Aw, for a crabby day. 😦 We all have them on occasion and often they are warranted. So we just crab-it-out until we feel uncrabby and noncrablike! 😛

    Remember the good you did and smile! And please know that you still do good! You are such a positive in my life…with your words in your blogposts, your words in comments on my blog posts, your e-mails, the cards you send me, your prayers, and much more! I am so glad you are in my life! 🙂

    Yes, the world AND parenting has changed since we raised our kids. It scares me how much of the time kids today are exposed to, or live in, an adult world. 😦

    Okay and now for a couple crab jokes!!! 😀

    A man walks in to a seafood restaurant and says, “Do you server crabs here?”
    The hostess replies, “We serve everyone. Have a seat.”
    HA! 😀

    Why wouldn’t the crab share?
    Because he is shellfish! 😛

    (((HUGS))) 🙂


  2. My wife admits to being crabby. I loved your graphic. Lol. I think women get crabby and men get mean.

    I would hate to raise children today. My generation had enough temptations, but now it is wholesale. Awful.

    My wife says she gets a lot done when she is angry. I get more done when she is happy. Lol




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