I’m ‘not quite cooked’ yet, I’d say.
Is that like being half-baked? lol

I was thinking about certain people from my life, and whether or not I’d want to take them, or let them, back into my life… one person in particular…
She’s been trying to establish contact with my kids… why? and my sister asked if she’d tried contacting me, and I laughed, and said she wouldn’t…
but it’s funny, I started thinking that I don’t think I’d mind if she would…
(that was before I found out about my kids)
Anyway, I’d be interested in what she’d have to say. I’ve been working on learning to listen more and talk less. I’d like to listen (as long as I didn’t talk)…
that’s where the not quite cooked part comes in…
I don’t know if I’m there yet.


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  1. I have let people back in our life. Wrangler sister and I use not to be close. There is a 8 year age difference and when she was a teenager she would try to boss me around and would rearrange my house and lie about things she did. We hardly talked for about 2 years. I got a new number and she did not get it for a long while. But she showed me that she has grown up. She went as far as writing letter apologizing for past actions so we let her back in and she has proven she has changed. Some others we have given chances but they took those chances and abused them so they are out of our life.

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  2. Sometimes we have to set boundaries in our lives (related to certain people) and protect ourselves emotionally. But, sometimes it is good let people back in WHEN we are ready…and sometimes things go well…other times we are just hurt again. 😦 And it’s okay that certain people have to prove that they can be trusted this time around. Etc.
    Just follow your wise brain and compassionate heart, SweetLynn! 🙂


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