I-O-WA :-)

Exciting night last night, huh?

Best statement of the night:

‘Iowa sent a clear message that the nominee for the president of the United States
will not be chosen by the media, will not be chosen by the Washington establishment or the lobbyists,
but will be chosen by ‘We the people’.’ – Ted Cruz

Carolyn made me remember I wanted to share this, when she mentioned Trump today. 😉

I also remembered that I never shared that I got an invitation to go to the inauguration festivities of Matt Bevin at the beginning of December.  I soooo, wish I could have traveled and attended.  I was very tempted to try.


4 thoughts on “I-O-WA :-)

  1. Now Iowa is known by the entire world . At the French TV or radio they explained in the details how Republicans and Democrats voted to choose the candidats ..
    and you are right, Lynn: ” Vox populi, vox dei ” .
    Love ❤

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