My picture post

These are the images that went through my mind as I was listening to the ‘news’ this morning.

So Donald Trump is ducking the ‘lightweight’, huh?


duck Because ‘he’s not treated fair’ Trump duck







replacing one juvenile (Obama)



with another (Trump)?
Is this the wisdom of the people? I hope not.
Personally it will be refreshing ‘not’ to have Trump in the debate tonight.
Wish they would start focusing the people’s attention in the direction of the sensible choice, Kasich.

Rouhani goes to France…
on the whole Charlie Hebdo incident,
agrees with the statement of Pope Francis…
“If you insult my mother you can expect a punch.”
Yes…. ‘punched’, not blown up. (Big difference.)

In other notes:
It’s alot colder out today than I was expecting.
It feels colder than what the weatherman says it is.


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